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The Story of Our Passion


In December of 1998 I left my veterinarian’s office with the worst possible news.  I found out that Emma, my 7 year old Gordon Setter, had cancer.

The diagnosis was lung cancer; the prognosis was 4 months tops.  When I asked the doctor what the treatment options were, his response was just to make her comfortable. “NOT ACCEPTABLE” was my only response.  

I had adopted Emma when she was 3, and my 2-year-old Flat Coat Retriever, Bradley, had been with me since he was 6 months old.  They were my “kids”—my family.  

This was the start of a journey, one that would teach me that there are always options.  Our pet’s diet plays a huge role in his or her health.  Pills and shots may be part of the solution, but not the only solution. Emma’s quality of life became my passion!  My research was endless.  Diet, acupuncture, chiropractic, herbs, surgery—I used them all and provided Emma with the best life possible until she left me in May of 2000.  

It is true that all of our pets are teachers on top of being the best companions we could ever know!  Emma had taught me a very valuable lesson—that our pets’ diets directly affects their health and by giving them the proper food and care we can greatly extend their lives.  So in those last 19 months (not 4 months!) of her life, Emma inspired an idea…a store for pets and their people stocked with all-natural foods, healthy treats, homeopathics, flower essences, supplements, unique collars, fun toys and lots of things for the pet lover.  

On December 2, 2005 I opened End of the Leash—a store dedicated to Emma and all of the pets lucky enough to have a family that cares enough to give them the best quality of life imaginable!  

I am so proud that Bradley was right by my side when I opened End of the Leash.  He loved being at the store greeting customers and sampling treats with my 5 year old Gordon Setter, Maddie.  Bradley passed away on April 1, 2006.  He blessed me with his love and companionship for over 16 years!  

After Bradley died there was never a doubt if I would add another dog—just how soon.  So along came Sam, a rescue from Louisiana, and he is truly the clown of our operation!  He can always make you smile; that and his “under the radar” hound dog intelligence are really a trip.  He has really helped to remind me that it is possible to offer the best life possible to another pet just as deserving, even after the painful loss of a long-time pet of the family.  All of those reasons we are afraid of are really the reasons why we should give a home to another deserving animal!  Through all this, I am amazed that love without condition can come in so many different packages.  

Emma had given me the knowledge and Bradley gave me the proof.  He had proven that good food and holistic care do work, and while my heart is heavy he is the reason my passion continues to grow.  

Our MISSION is to help pets live a long, healthy and happy life.  

Our PASSION is to help owners become aware of what is in pet food and help them choose foods that are all natural and nutritionally complete, and to encourage them to be proactive about their pet’s health.  

Thank you for stopping at End of the Leash!  We welcome any questions or suggestions you may have! Share your stories and pictures of your pets—we learn from each other.      


Susie, Joe, Molly, Sam and the Staff at End of the Leash


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