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Upcoming Series: Quality Food = Better Pet Health?

Hello Friends!

Starting next week we’re introducing a series of posts where we’ll be talking about why many believe quality pet food equals good health for your pet.

We’d like to hear your experiences with this subject matter.  Do you believe your Fluffy or Rover has benefited from a food change?  Please comment on this post and tell us your story!  We’d like to use your stories as a base for our upcoming food topics.

Next week we’ll start to talk in depth about these options and we’ll present myriad resources for you to make your own deductions and food choices for your special furry friend.

Until then, we hope you will stop in and visit us!  We have a new line of food available by customer demand!  It’s from Petcurean, and there’s two lines: Now! (grain free) and Go! (limited grains), both with formulas for dogs and cats.  We’re happy to now provide these for you!

See you next week,

Your Friends at End of the Leash


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