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Understanding the Pros and Cons of Pet Food Ingredients

Hello Friends!

After our last post, we realized we jumped into the subject of choosing a pet food a little too fast!  There’s a lot to understand, so we wanted to provide you with a few resources to prime you for the upcoming information we’ll be sharing with you.

The Old Mother Hubbard dog food website focuses on all the health-promoting ingredients you want to see on your pet’s food labels.  Check out their About Us link.  It’ll explain their philosophy of nutrition and give you an idea of what “good stuff” you could feed Rover!

The Dog Food Project is an excellent place to start if all this seems overwhelming and you want some clear-cut information.  Their FAQ provides a lot of thought-provoking information on holistic dog care and nutrition.  Looking around their website, you may be surprised to discover what “bad stuff” you’re feeding Spot.

We’ll be back soon to continue our series on brand comparisons and pet food options.  Until then, don’t forget this weekend is our Nail Clinic and Dog Wash by the Inch!  See our Store Events link up top for more details!

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