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#1 Rule -- Be Informed!

Welcome Friends and Furry Critters!

For a few weeks now, we’ve been tossing around ideas and information on how to choose a food for your pet.  Hopefully you’ve had a chance to visit some of the links we’ve shared and decode what’s in your pet’s food. 

Now we would like to make a couple of quick points about feeding.

First a disclaimer—please remember that us folks at End of the Leash are not veterinarians.  No information on our website is intended to replace the indispensable and professional advice of your veterinarian!

What we’re sharing today is a few recurring thoughts of what customers share with us as well as specific information from brochures and websites of the brands of food we supply at our store.

First, think of what makes sense to you—if you gulp down food, you sometimes feel sick.  If my dog or cat does the same, sometimes he throws up!

Second, when we eat less processed foods, we know we’re eating a healthier diet.  We feel better.  How do you think that can apply to your pet’s diet?

Those simple thoughts really ring true with us at EoTL.

We want to leave you this week with a few thought-provoking questions…we will be watching for your comments!

  1. Why is there dry pet food?
  2. Have pets’ digestive systems evolved over time?
  3. How do these relate to feeding your pet the best way possible?

The answers to these cover many of the food inquiries our customers have.

So, the point we’re really trying to drive home:

The #1 rule of feeding your pet is to BE INFORMED!

We are looking forward to hearing what you think and what answers you find.  Please leave us comments.   Don’t be bashful!

And just a few reminders—this Saturday, September 26th, Animal Communicator Rebecca Moravec will be available for appointments.  See the Store Events calendar for details.

Also, September 27th is the last day to vote for us on the A-list!!  We appreciate your support and feedback. 

We’ll see you soon!

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