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Pet Food Options: Orijen & American Natural Premium

Happy Labor Day Weekend!  (By the way, we’re closed on Labor Day and will reopen Tuesday at 9am.)

For many pet owners, choosing the right food for our special furry buddies can be daunting, confusing and just downright frustrating!  We are going to take the next several weeks to present many types, brands and formulas of food to you.  We believe everyone has the choice to do the research and educate themselves on these options.  Then, armed with this information, you can make the best informed decision depending on what you are trying to accomplish with your particular pet’s feeding program.

Let’s start with two food lines that are on the opposite ends of the spectrum according to price.  Making this comparison is also certainly true if you believe that price is directly proportionate to quality.


  • grain free/biologically appropriate
  • 70% premium meats, 30% fruits and vegetables
  • contains health-promoting botanicals instincively consumed by dogs and cats
  • meat is never frozen
  • no preservatives
  • regionally sourced in Canada and never outsourced

 American Natural Premium

  • no wheat, corn or soy
  • contains rice and oats
  • chicken is primary protein
  • by-product free
  • USDA inspected
  • made in Wisconsin, USA and sourced in USA

We encourage you to visit their websites (just click on the brand names)!  They contain valuable information and more detail to help you learn what each offers and how it may benefit your pet’s health and quality of life.

Both brands are high quality foods and we carry them in our store.  We also have brochures available so next time you’re in feel free to request one.  We also have samples of many different brands so be sure to inquire if you’re interested.

Remember, we’d like to hear your experiences on the subject of what you feed your pet.  Do you believe your Fluffy or Rover has benefited from a food change?  Please comment on this post and tell us your story!  We’d like to use your stories as a base for our upcoming food topics.

A few more notes…don’t forget to check out our Store Events Calendar link at the top!  Coming up on the 3rd Saturday we have our Nail Clinic and on the following Sunday we have our Dog Wash by the Inch.  There’s details on the calendar or call us for more information.

As always, thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy the weekend.

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