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Petcurean--Unique Formulas at a DISCOUNT!

Hello EOTL Friends and Family!

We are having a Petcurean food sale! Stop in soon to try Petcurean food at a discount.  Our rep tagged our bags with coupons ranging from $3.00-$5.00 off—get ‘em while they’re hot.


Read on to learn a little bit more about Petcurean and their unique pet food!

Our Formulas are the Trademark of our Success! Each batch is Slow Cooked at low temperatures (90C) to assure maximum utilization of ingredient nutrients. Inspired by renowned leaders dedicated to the art of crafting and producing distinctive healthy alternatives, a new era of pet foods …have arrived, introducing a blend of Fresh Succulent Meats, Fresh Ripe Fruits and Select Healthy Vegetables, grown in such regions as the Pristine Okanagan Valley and the Rich Fraser Valley of Beautiful British Columbia.

The complexities of these unique formulas emerge in every morsel and every bite for your pet’s enjoyment. Imagine the sensational taste and the unforgettable experience for your family friend indulging in such items as fresh farm grown, hormone free, de-boned Chicken meat, and/or hormone free, de-boned Turkey meat and /or fresh, succulent East Coast Salmon, balanced nicely with Fresh Garden Peas, Fresh Farmed Lentil Beans, orchard fresh red delicious apples, Garden fresh carrots, Garden fresh broccoli, fresh farmed cranberries, Skinless Russet Potatoes, fresh pumpkin, whole cloves of garlic, and Orchard fresh blueberries and cranberries.

Part of a new range of pet foods, these meticulously selected formulas provide an abundance of healthy attributes and a balanced layer of intricacy.

These unique formulas are nicely finished with a rich and distinctive oil aroma, and include inviting flavors such as Chicken Oil, and/or Canola oil, and/or Sunflower oil, and/or Flax seed oil, and/or Sunflower oil and /or Salmon oil, crucial in providing a complete and balanced Omega 6 and 3 essential fatty acid profile for a long and healthy life.

excerpted from Petcurean’s website.

In addition, we also want to announce that a Stella & Chewy’s rep will be visiting the store this Saturday, March 6th, from 10am-2pm.  Receive samples and discounts on their entire line of food and treats!

It’s supposed to be “warm” this weekend…hope to see you out and about!

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