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What's in YOUR kit?


We’re talking first aid this week.

Do you have a Pet First Aid Kit?

If so, what is included in your kit?

Did you purchase your kit already made or did you make your own?

If you made your own, what kind of container did you put your items in?


With summer approaching we’ve been making sure we’re stocked up on the essentials for our pups!

Along with items like band-aids, ice packs and a tweezer we recommend the following to have close by…all of which can be purchased in our store:


  • Ticked Off – the world’s simplest tick remover.
  • Emergency – flower essence by Pet Essences.  Use immediately after an accident, stressful situation or trauma.  Helps prevent shock and is calming.  Caretaker should take also.
  • Styptic Powder – helps stop bleeding fast.
  • Comfort Aches – the Herbsmith formula that helps ease aches and discomfort caused by daily activity.
  • Ginger Mint – the liquid formula by Animals’ Apawthecary to help soothe an upset tummy and nausea when traveling.
  • EMT Gel – first aid kit in a tube, promotes rapid healing, reduces bleeding, reduces pain & itching and protects wounds.
  • K-9 Liquid Health Ear Solutions Ear Cleaner – use to dry ear canal, helps to reduce ear odors, safe and effective aid in maintaining good ear hygiene.  Great for use after bathing or swimming.
  • Eyes So Bright by Ark Naturals – gentle eye wash cleanser safely removes foreign debris and encrustation, assists in the reduction of redness and puffyness, cleans and heals the eyes without drying or burning.
  • Neem Protect Spray by Ark Naturals – environmentally friendly formula keeps the bugs off your pet and you!
  • Happy Traveler by Ark Naturals – all natural calming product to use for: motion sickness, nervous behavior, visits to kennels, groomers & vets, fear of thunderstorms & fireworks, fear of unfamiliar people and other pets.


Be prepared!  A happy, healthy pet depends on it!

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