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We'll Miss You, Maddie

Dear Friends,

We mourn the loss of one who was a friend, family member and co-worker.

Maddie Bower was an angel on this Earth and is now an angel in the spirit world.  If you have ever been to End of the Leash you would have been blessed to meet Maddie.  Maddie either met you at the door, was in her favorite chair near the fireplace or in the treat room stealing a beefy link. 

She radiated loveliness inside and out.  Her calm presence and dignified air made everyone around her feel comfortable…canine or human.  If there ever was an upset or anxious dog in the store Maddie was sure to stay close as if to tell the dog, “Everything will be alright, I’m here.”  She had a special way of mothering and caring for the people and animals in her life. 

One of Maddie’s nicknames was appropriately “The Black Pearl.”  Pearls symbolize purity, spiritual transformation, charity, honesty, wisdom and integrity—all the best within us.   

We ask that you keep Maddie and her mom in your thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time.  Losing a soul mate is one of the hardest things one can experience during a lifetime. 

If you would like to do something to honor Maddie’s memory, some organizations that are close to Susie’s heart can be found under our Rescue Links section here on the left-hand bar of our website.  Alternatively, two more options are the Lakeland Animal Shelter and The Gordon Setter Rescue Program.

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