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Skateboards and kibble and kittens, ohmy!

Happy July!  Here’s the latest at EOTL…

Tillman Skateboard Winner

Navarre and Mary were so excited to be the skateboard winners. Cool, dude!A round of ‘a paws’ for Navarre and his human, Mary!

Navarre won the Tillman Natural Balance Skateboard!  Store dog Wiley graciously offered to pick the winner for the small fee of a Darford salmon treat. 

We’re betting that Navarre will soon giveWiley did a great job randomly drawing our winner! Tillman a run for his money…so if you see a fluffy white flash pass by your window, it’s probably Navarre on his new set of wheels! 





GET BAKED with us!

It may be the dog days of summer, but we haven’t forgotten our feline friends!  We want your kitty to try the scrumptiousness of a baked kibble so we talked with our friends at Lotus and they sent this coupon for a FREE bag.

Click on the coupon, then print and bring into our store for your free bag of food!

Lotus Wholesome Food for Cats is made by a process so uncommonly wholesome, it has a TM after its name. It’s called Baked-In Goodness™ (see?), and it’s the big reason Lotus Wholesome Food for Cats tastes delicious and is closer to homemade than most other natural cat foods.



Why baked?  Here’s the scoop from the Lotus website:

Baked-In Goodness™
Let’s start with the anatomy of a kibble. Ordinary dry cat foods are processed and pressed into those cute kibble shapes. Then the kibbles are drenched in greasy fat to make the flavor stick to the outside of each piece. Lotus Wholesome Food for CATS is made differently from the start. It’s actually slowly baked in ovens just like your grandmother’s (if hers was about 100 feet long). Slow baking is a painstaking process, but we know it’s worth it. With all the fresh, wholesome ingredients in Lotus, nothing less natural would do. And our baking process works with the natural preservative properties of vitamin E to maintain Lotus’ fresh ingredients. So Lotus doesn’t need any artificial preservatives. Does anyone else hear purring? 


Community Cat to claim new territory at EOTL

Do you have a leg that can be rubbed on?  Does your lap feel empty while watching summer re-runs on television?  Wondering what to do with the catnip that keeps coming up in your yard year after year?

“Remember, black is slimming and goes with everything!” These sweeties need homes!Then stop in on Saturday, July 10th between the hours of 10am-2pm to meet some adoptable kittens!

Community Cat is a wonderful organization that is working to end cat overpopulation in our area by offering low cost spay/neuter services and adopting out cats that need a home.

“We are a cat advocacy group dedicated to ending feline overpopulation in our area. Our purpose is to help owned and unowned cats in our area by facilitating high quality, high volume, low cost spay/neuter services; helping caregivers to find resources to keep and humanely care for their cats; and providing care to cats in need, especially those who may not find help elsewhere.”


That’s all for this week… 

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