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Black Friday is almost here!

Dog Park Petition

Stop in soon to sign a petition to the Waukesha County Parks System to encourage them to choose Mukwonago Park as the next dog park location.

We’d love to show that our community is excited for, and would support, a dog park in our area. Please spread the word!


Thanksgiving Hours

Happy Fangsgivings!We will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 24th.

We reopen with our regular store hours on BLACK FRIDAY at 9am.

We’ll make it worth your time to support your local, small businesses on the most popular shopping day of the year. And, we won’t make you show up at midnight to do it!

Stop in anytime between 9am-7pm to get amazing deals on the products you love!  Click here to see the full-size Black Friday flyer.

  • Stella & Chewy’s – $6 off any 6lb. & 16oz. frozen and freeze dried dinners. Buy 2 bags of 6lb. or 16oz. and receive a FREE bag of Carnivore Crunch treats.
  • Wellpet – BOGO on the 20oz. Wellness Wellbars…yum!
  • Orijen & Acana - $2.00 off 5lb. Bags, $3.00 off 15.4lb. Bags, $4.00 off 30lb. Bags
  • Earthborn Holistic – Representative will be here to give $3, $4 & $5 off bags
  • Purevita Cat Food - $2.00 off 15lb. bags
  • Purr & Simple Cat Litter – this special is NUTS! $2 off 16lb. and $1 off 8lb. bags.
  • Nature’s Variety – BOGO on 5lb. Dog & Cat Instinct bags. BOGO Instinct Biscuits.
  • Swheat Scoop Cat Litter – $3.00 off 40lb bags.
  • Pronature – BOGO on 5lb. Cat or Dog food bags
  • Canidae Grain Free – $10.00 off 30lb. bags any flavor AND get 2 cans FREE
  • Natural Balance – FREE 5lb. bag of Alpha Dog or Cat Food while supplies last; 1st 50 customers get a FREE Roll, $5.00 off any 30lb bag.
  • American Natural – $1.50 off SM., $3.00 off LG. all Non-Grain Free Flavors; $2.00 off 12lb., $4.00 off 30lb. Grain Free Flavors
  • Fromm – Dog Gold & Classic: $1.00 off SM., $2.00 off M., $4.00 off LG.; Dog Four Star: $1.00 off SM., $3.00 off M., $6.00 off LG.; Cat: All Bags $2.00 off SM., $4.00 off LG.
  • Great Life – Dog $2.00 off small bags, $6.00 off large bags. Cat $2.00 off.


All Creatures GREAT – and small…

We love talking about food every day, but especially in the season of Thanksgiving!

Even the littlest family members need good nutrition to thrive and that’s why we carry the complete line of Oxbow small animal products.

Enjoy this Animal Health Tip for November from Oxbow Animal Health:

Small Herbivore Nutrition - The Components of a Balanced Diet
All pet owners want their special animal companions to live long, happy and healthy lives. One of the most important keys in helping your pet thrive is providing a balanced diet designed to meet his unique nutritional needs. For small herbivores, this includes a diet consisting of several critical components. These include:

Hay – The “Main Course” for Every Small Herbivore
Hay is the most important component of any small herbivore’s diet. In addition to providing the long-strand fiber needed for digestive health, hay also helps prevent obesity, dental disease, boredom and diarrhea in small pets. Hay should be offered free choice at all times.

Water – Available All the Time
Unlimited amounts of fresh water should be available for pets at all times.

Fortified Foods – An Essential Part of your Pet’s Diet
Fortified foods in the form of bite-sized pellets provide the vitamins and minerals pets need to thrive. It’s important to remember, however, that not all fortified foods are created equal. Some foods contain fats, sugars and starches in the form of nuts, corn, seeds and fruit. Herbivores are designed to digest fiber, not calorie-dense fats, sugars and starches. Pick a fortified food with an appropriate balance of fiber, carbohydrates and proteins for your pet’s species and lifestage.

Healthy Treats – Keeping Special Occasions Special
Rewarding your pet with occasional treats is a great way for the two of you to bond. The key to providing treats is to choose all-natural options with minimal amounts of sugar and no artificial preservatives. All-natural, healthy treats allow pet owners to reward their companions without the guilt of compromising their nutrition.

Supplements – The Extra Boost Some Pets Need
Some pets require a supplement to be at their best. Guinea pigs, for instance, cannot manufacture their own vitamin C and require a supplemented amount daily. Other pets benefit from the inclusion of targeted supplements in their diets. When choosing a supplement, be sure to choose a tableted form to ensure guaranteed intake.


We hope you have a great week!

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