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Happy Fangsgiving :)

We’ll make it worth your time to support your local, small businesses on the most popular shopping day of the year. And, we won’t make you show up at midnight to do it!

Stop in anytime between 9am-7pm to get amazing deals on the products you love!  Click here to see the full-size Black Friday flyer.


  • Stella & Chewy’s – $6 off any 6lb. & 16oz. frozen and freeze dried dinners. Buy 2 bags of 6lb. or 16oz. and receive a FREE bag of Carnivore Crunch treats.
  • Wellpet – BOGO on the 20oz. Wellness Wellbars…yum!
  • Nature’s Variety – BOGO 5lb. Dog & Cat Instinct Bags; BOGO Instinct Biscuits
  • Orijen & Acana - $2.00 off 5lb. Bags, $3.00 off 15.4lb. Bags, $4.00 off 30lb. Bags
  • Earthborn Holistic – Representative will be here to give $3, $4 & $5 off bags
  • Purevita Cat Food - $2.00 off 15lb. bags
  • Purr & Simple Cat Litter – this special is NUTS! $2 off 16lb. and $1 off 8lb. bags.
  • Swheat Scoop Cat Litter – $3.00 off 40lb bags.
  • Pronature – BOGO on 5lb. Cat or Dog food bags
  • Canidae Grain Free – $10.00 off 30lb. bags any flavor AND get 2 cans FREE
  • Natural Balance – FREE 5lb. bag of Alpha Dog or Cat Food while supplies last; 1st 50 customers get a FREE Roll, $5.00 off any 30lb bag.
  • American Natural – $1.50 off SM., $3.00 off LG. all Non-Grain Free Flavors; $2.00 off 12lb., $4.00 off 30lb. Grain Free Flavors
  • Fromm – Dog Gold & Classic: $1.00 off SM., $2.00 off M., $4.00 off LG.; Dog Four Star: $1.00 off SM., $3.00 off M., $6.00 off LG.; Cat: All Bags $2.00 off SM., $4.00 off LG.
  • Great Life – Dog $2.00 off small bags, $6.00 off large bags. Cat $2.00 off.


It’s A-list Time

Ready, Set, Click!  Please “Vote 4 Us” in the upcoming Alist Contest!   Make us #1 for 5 years straight.

Voting starts this Monday, November 28th and runs through Sunday, December 18th. The WISN A-List is a contest featuring more than 3,029 local businesses competing to be named best. YOUR votes determine the outcome.

We’d love to be #1 for the 5th year in a row!


Midnight Magic

Mukwonago’s town-wide annual Midnight Magic is not to be missed. We will be open on Saturday, December 3rd from 9am-10pm.

WIN a 32” LCD TV in our FREE raffle!

Earthborn Holistic is sponsoring

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Another special not to be missed is our FREE $10 Gift Certificate Offer!

  • Purchase a $50 store gift certificate and receive a $10 gift certificate FREE from 8-10pm.

More great goings-on all day long…

  • Clifford the Big Red Dog (bring your camera)
  • 20% off all framed vintage prints
  • WGSPR—WI German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue with adoptable dogs
  • Community Cat—adoptable cats & kittens
  • Organic Oscar Grooming line representative
  • Goats Milk & Cookies for your pooch


Nutrition Helps Behavior?

It’s true, a deficiency in nutrition can change the way your pet acts and behaves.

We have many customers that give us great feedback when they switch to a healthier diet for their cat or dog and see a difference not only in their health but the way they act! We’re so excited to offer this great product developed and produced by local teacher, lecturer and author Dr. Claudine McAuliffe, M.Ed.

Essfacid 36 is an organic supplement containing ground flax seed, pumpkin seed, sesame seed and sunflower seed. Provides fresh omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids, plus minerals and B vitamins. Essential fatty acids form brain cell membranes and promote electrical transmissions across nerve cells, and have been shown effective in improving focus and concentration as well as decreasing anxiety.

Seed hull fiber effectively binds toxins in the digestive tract, cleanses the colon and stimulates anal gland secretion.

Almost all commercial canine diets are deficient in essential fatty acids, minerals and B vitamins. Behavior problems may result.

Essfacid puts back in what processing takes out.

Claudeen E. McAuliffe is a teacher, lecturer and author. She holds a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and is a Level 2 Tellington TTouch practitionerTM.

She owns and operates Kindness Canine Behavior Consultants in Oconomowoc, WI, a consulting practice providing holistic behavior counseling for dogs and their people, along with educational programs in behavior, nutrition and Tellington TTouchTM.

Her published works include, Mindful Dog Teaching, The Big Bang: How You Can Help Your Dog Cope with Thunderstorms and Fireworks, “The Good Behavior Game” (with Mary Norby, M.Ed.), and numerous articles and essays.

She is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), the Animal Behavior Society, and the Tellington TTouchTM Practitioner’s Guild. She is a doctoral student in holistic nutrition and companion animal health at Clayton College of Natural Health in Birmingham, Alabama.

OC Raw

We made space in our freezer for a new line of frozen raw food—OC Raw! What’s unique about this line is that each single source protein has different formulations. If your dog doesn’t do well with one of the formulas the next one will be completely different!

Our four-legged best friends are hunters and carnivores by nature. Since most of us are not able to let our dogs find their food the way nature intended, it is our job to provide it for them. “Kibble” is about as far from nature as you can get with all the added preservatives, animal by-products, chemicals, wheat, grains, and fillers. Have you ever noticed that the amount of food you give them is usually the amount you are picking up in the yard? When you feed your dog RAW the amount of “waste” they produce is significantly reduced because they are absorbing the nutrients. Another added benefit is the “waste” is virtually odorless, and turns to a white powder if left in the sun for a day, making clean up much easier.

Why OC RAW DOG? We are a licensed Pet Food Manufacturer by the State of California. We are inspected and required to have a superior manufacturing practices. We are local which means fresher, wholesome ingredients not to mention no shipping costs are added to your food. We are a small family business and this is what we feed to our beloved dogs. Now we want others to enjoy the benefits that our food has to offer.

Click here to see more BENEFITS of feeding OC Raw Dog!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Click to see lots more Thanksgiving “hot dogs!”Our bowl overflows with gratitude for your support!

The store will be closed on Thanksgiving Day and will reopen with our regular store hours on Friday (Black Friday) at 9am.

We wish you and your family a Thanksgiving filled with blessings in abundance.

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