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Holiday Blessings from Our Family to Yours

Holiday Hours

Wylie-max, Santa Paws’ newest reindeer, wishes you Wysdom for new treat-hunting skills for 2012!We will be closed on Sunday, December 25th

to celebrate the Christmas holiday.

Our regular hours resume on Monday the 26th from 9am-7pm.

We will also be closed on Sunday, January 1st

to celebrate the New Year.

Our regular hours will resume on Monday the 2nd from 9am-7pm.




Run Run Rudolph - We’ve Got VIVID™ Collars

VIVID™ is a fantastic illuminating safety collar, designed to keep your dog safe and visible at night.

The super-bright white LED’s have four light settings; a unique light-sensitive mode, (automatically coming on when dark), slow-flashing, quick-flashing and permanently on. The tough, strong padded design with secure metal buckle means that the VIVID™ collar can be worn all the time. Being water-resistant makes it perfect for all weather.


The VIVID™ collar is simple to power, either re-charge direct into the mains or via a USB giving up to 15 hours continuous use. No batteries required and visibility is up to 1000ft.



‘Tis the Season to Overindulge

We admit it—we’re overindulging in holiday goodies!

With all the treats around at this time of year it’s difficult not to overdo it and the same thing can happen with our pets!

Below is a great article by Dr. Melissa Shelton that talks about the essential oil Di-Gize (by Young Living) to help ease our tummy aches no matter what the cause.

Along with the Di-Gize Dr. Shelton recommends, to help ease your pooch’s tummy aches we also recommend canned pumpkin, coconut oil and a digestive enzyme. The Perfect Form by Honest Kitchen is another great option for any kind of dietary upset.

Di-Gize is an essential oil blend which is incredibly helpful for any gastrointestinal upset. (For both humans AND animals!)Whether the flu or food poisoning, if you do happen to get sick here are a few tips to help you to speed through the unpleasantness. Di-Gize is an essential oil blend which is incredibly helpful for any gastrointestinal upset. From nausea to diarrhea to heartburn - a drop or two rubbed onto your belly, placed into your belly button, or rubbed onto your feet - delivers relief. Animals can be “pet” with a light coating of this oil on your hands, and receive the same benefits - including help with car sickness. When you “know” you might have to vomit - but it just isn’t quite happening yet… Filling an empty gel capsule with DiGize and swallowing it down - will either make you feel better or purge whatever has to come up - UP and OUT! Peppermint oil can be dripped into the belly button or rubbed onto the bottoms of your feet to help relieve fevers, nausea, headaches, and more. Every essential oil can boost your immune system - however when our family feels like we are starting to “go down” - we often reach for a Raindrop Technique application of oils or ImmuPower essential oil blend. By using these oils - we have averted certain illness many times. You can find many past newsletter articles on using oils at www.OilyVet.com or follow this link to a newsletter on the basics of using essential oils.

Remember, I only recommend the use of Young Living Essential Oils for use in or around animals (and humans for that matter). This brand of essential oils consistently shows the quality needed for use in animals - and the use of other brands may prove dangerous for your animals. Through research, case studies, and retrospective studies - I am documenting the difference in qualities of essential oils in my veterinary hospital. I do not make this recommendation lightly! —Dr. Melissa Shelton


A Recipe for a Happy Hanukkah
by Helen Fazio, Travel Dog Blogger

This year, Hanukkah starts on December 20 at sundown. Here’s a traditional recipe, adapted for dogs. Two small latkes will make your pup feel he is part of the fun. Treats in moderation are the spice of life!

Mmmm, latkes for everyone!Combine 4 cubed sweet potatoes, 2 eggs, 2 tbsp all-purpose flour, and 1 tsp baking powder, and pulse in a blender until thoroughly mixed.

Heat 1/4 cup canola oil in a skillet over medium heat. Scoop up about 1/3 cup of the mixture and shape into a patty. Fry each latke for 2 to 3 minutes per side until brown and crisp, adding more oil as needed. Dab the latkes with a paper towel after cooking and top with a dab of unsweetened applesauce for that authentic touch.


In this season of wonder & magic we hope your holidays are merry and wish you a New Year filled with joy, peace and lots of treats!

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