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Showers of Good Stuff in April

Starting Next Week: Two For Tuesday

For the month of April we are having a Two For Tuesday special! No foolin’!

Shop between the hours of 9am-3pm and double the punches on your frequent buyer card instead of one for each $10 of any minimum $20.00 purchase.

Fill your card up twice as fast. Now you’ll just have to figure out how to spend that $30.00 when your punch card is full!


Feeding Kibble? Add Water!

The following is an exerpt from Dr. Karen Becker’s article, Pets, Protein, Dry Food & DiseaseYou may also click here for the full article!

“The biggest concern I hear about not feeding dry food is, “But what about their teeth?”

Remember: eating crunchy granola doesn’t brush or clean your teeth. You have to brush your teeth. Likewise, eating crunchy kibble doesn’t brush or clean your pet’s teeth. You still have to brush your pet’s teeth. So please don’t use this rationale to feed your pet a diet of mainly dry foods.

There are the two major problems with an entirely dry food diet.

1 - Protein quality

2 - Moisture content

Protein quality — For years, protein got a really bad rap. More recently, proactive veterinarians have tried to re-educate pet owners about protein, protein quality, and protein requirements. Contrary to popular belief, protein requirements actually increase as pets age to combat catabolic processes, which can lead to muscle wasting. We have also learned that the biological availability of certain protein sources actually determines how easy or difficult they are to metabolize. For example, snouts and feathers, although 100 percent protein, are not nearly as digestible as lean muscle meat.

The quality of protein your pet eats is critical to reduce organ stress over time. The scary truth is that the majority of commercial pet foods on the market today are using rendered meats that are not approved for human consumption. Because kibbled foods made with these poor quality meats are so difficult to digest and assimilate, they can actually cause organ disease.

Moisture content — Moisture content is another problem inherent in a mainly dry food diet. Our carnivorous companions were designed to consume non-dehydrated foods. Species appropriate diets — foods free of corn, wheat, rice and soy — formulated in their biologically correct form, meaning raw or minimally processed, with non-denatured proteins, contain all of the moisture needed to process the food with minimum metabolic stress.

Did you know that the natural diet of dogs and cats is up to 70 percent water?

That’s right: rabbits and mice, like our bodies, are primarily composed of water. Our pet’s bodies have evolved to consume a diet that is rich with water, not dehydrated, and not cooked.

When food is cooked and dehydrated (which is how kibble is produced), several things happen, the most detrimental of which is that the food becomes dry. Far too dry to be healthy.

This requires your pet’s body to provide sufficient moisture to reconstitute the food in their digestive tract. Although some animals may make a noble effort to consume enough water, many animals, and most cats, don’t.

The Association of Feline Practitioners recommends owners feed cats a diet of primarily canned foods (vs. dry foods) for this very reason.

What are the most notable physiologic changes when our companion animals consume a dehydrated, poor quality protein diet?

* Kidney stress

* Liver stress

* Metabolic stress

A lifetime of minor dehydration is stressful to multiple organ systems, but most notably the kidneys. It’s important to realize that this can easily be remedied by feeding canned or living food diets, and can easily be avoided by feeding foods that have not been dehydrated (dry food).”


Pet Wellness Expo

Stop by our booth at the Pet Wellness Expo on Saturday, April 9th and say hello.

Hosted by Creature Comforts, this is an annual event you won’t want to miss!  There will be exhibitors, speakers, a silent auction and much more including:

  • Pet Rescues & Shelters
  • Parade of Breeds at 12 Noon
  • Pet Sitters
  • Kennels
  • Boarding
  • House Call Veterinary
  • Pet Food & Toy Manufacturers and Distributers
  • Groomers
  • Trainers
  • Holistic Care Information
  • Doggie Daycare
  • Unique Animal Collectibles
  • Pet Stores


Adopt-A-Thon Weekend

We’re partnering with the Lakeland Animal Shelter to host an ‘Adopt-A-Thon’ weekend! Join us Mother’s Day weekend Friday & Saturday from 11am-3pm to meet your new best friend.

Has Mom been thinking about adding a new furry friend to her life? Lakeland will have dogs, cats and small animals available for adoption so mark your calendar for this fun event today.


Have a MEW-tiful week!

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