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Springing into PAWsome Deals

(Yes, we are going to keep using springy clichés until this snow decides to go away!) :)


30% Off All Winter Clothing & Boots

Sir Wesley sporting a snuggly coat from EOTL.Now is the time to replace those worn out coats and sweaters! 

Did your dog romp so much this winter there are holes in his boots? Replace those, too!

Only the Pawz rubber boots are excluded from this sale, so stock up now and be prepared for next winter.



Fish Fur Fridays

Starting this Friday check our Facebook page for the FFF (Fish FUR Friday) special of the day!

On your way home from picking up your own fish FRY dinner, stop in at EOTL and pick up a discounted fish-related item for your pooch & kitty!   



Can You Use an Extra $5 Bucks?

If so, we have an alpha-sized coupon taped to our small ALPHA bags!

 Our friends at Natural Balance are so excited for you to try their new ALPHA grain free line that they are offering $5.00 off a small bag of dog or cat.

If that’s not enough, once you use your $5.00 off coupon we’ll give you ANOTHER $5.00 off coupon for any sized bag of ALPHA on your next purchase!


Spring Cleaning

Shampoo and conditioner are flying out our doors this week!

Our SPA products are also as natural as they come and are free of lauryl sulfates, propylene glycol, parabens, preservatives, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly.

And remember, do NOT use human shampoos on pets…our pH is different.

The following article was POSTED BY: Dr. Karen Becker on July 14, 2009:

Critical Points for Successful and Pleasant Bath Time

Wash thoroughly! Use comfortably warm water, not too hot. On very hot days, many dogs enjoy cool water, which can also reduce inflammation and irritation. Many dogs look forward to a cool hose bath in the front yard on hot, humid days.

Some pet owners have asked me if it’s okay to bathe their dog using a garden hose, since some hoses may contain lead. I believe as long as your water source is healthy, bathing your pet with a hose in the summer is a fine option. Wet your dog completely and consider pre-diluting your shampoo 50:50 with water to help spread it more easily over your dog.

Dogs with water-repellent coats (Labradors, poodles, retrievers, and Portuguese Water Dogs) are sometimes hard to get really wet, so diluted shampoo makes the job easier.

Be gentle! Keep soap out of eyes and ears. Irritated skin is delicate and easily injured. Animals will be worried that you are going to cause them pain — do your best to keep bath time fun and stress-free. Hot spots in particular are exquisitely painful, so consider gently blotting sensitive areas with a shampoo-moistened sponge. Remember to wash paws and toes well.

Rinse, and rinse, and rinse! Soap left on skin is very irritating.

Drying and trimming. Wring out as much water as you can before towel drying. Some coats air-dry very nicely, others require work. Human hair dryers are not appropriate unless used with a “NO HEAT” setting! Allow some distance between the dryer and the animal. Trim back your pet’s fur around any sores or scabby areas to allow air to get to the skin and to help these areas dry faster.

Stay away from “hot spots” with the dryer. Of course professional grooming is sometimes needed. Take your herbal shampoo and rinse to the groomer and ask them to please use them on your pet. Ask the groomer to not use any fragrances or sprays on your allergic pet.

Some animals benefit from a close cut during the summer. This makes keeping an eye on skin much easier, but remember hair is a great insulator from the sun directly contacting the skin. Although shaving dogs down will allow you to see what’s going on underneath all that hair, it also causes changes in their ability to thermo-regulate and allows allergens closer contact to their sensitive skin.

By taking the time to properly bathe your pet, engage him in regular exercise and feed him a high-quality, species-appropriate diet, it’s very likely that his skin problems will clear up naturally … and your pet will be itch-free in no time!


E/news Subscriber Special!

Cain & Able is one of our specials this month for our E/news subscribers—$5.00 off a bottle, no limit.

If you haven’t signed up for these exclusive specials check out our blog posting from last week for all the de-tails!


A Dog on the Go!

CC looks great in her new backpack! (And Arby is keeping watch from his usual post under the counter!)CC (Chocolate Chip) came in this past weekend to get fitted for her new backpack.

She is ready to walk in style!






Keep thinking SPRING!

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