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Grab the First Aid Kit—quick!

Many of our customers ask if we carry an already assembled kit. The reason we don’t is because we like to help you customize your kit with the products we feel you shouldn’t be without in times of distress.

Along with basic essentials like gauze, a tweezers, bandaging tape and an ice pack, we highly recommend the following items to have in your pets First Aid Kit:

  • Vetericyn – A must have for every pet owner. Use to treat or prevent: hot spots, mange, rain rot, rashes, post-surgical sites, burns, cinch fungus, ring worm, skin infections, scratches, eye infections, respiratory tract associated infections, skin ulcers, E.Coli, salmonella, strep and staph (MRSA.)
  • Comfort Aches - Herbsmith Comfort Aches is a must for any dog household. Keep a bottle of this fast-acting formula on hand for occasional use. This formula can be utilized for short-term or everyday use.
  • HP Healing Cream - Cream has been shown in clinical use to be effective on previously unresponsive wounds and ulcerations.
  • Guard Well - Effective with itching, swelling, skin problems, and other minor illnesses following exposure to lawn or pool chemicals, environmental irritants, viruses, bacteria, or long-term use of medications.
  • Rescue Remedy & Emergency Essences - After an accident, stressful situations, trauma. Helps prevent shock and is calming. Can be put on skin if animal is unconscious. Caretaker should take also. Give every few seconds than minutes until crisis has passed.
  • Ticked Off - Ticked Off is the only single-motion tick remover designed to help you remove ticks in a timely and effective manner, with your safety in mind.
  • First Aid by HomeoPet – Use for bite wounds, cuts, bruising, sprains, teething, fever and bone fractures. First Aid also assists in reducing bleeding and may be used post surgery to improve healing time.
  • Quick Fix - For minor cuts and abrasions, this wonderful blend heals like none other.
  • K9 Ear Solution - Deodorizes and cleans odors associated with ears; is designed for use after bathing or swimming. K-9 Ear Solutions soothes ears.
  • Styptic Powder - Helps stop bleeding fast and can be used for dogs, cats & birds.
  • Eyes So Bright - Gentle eyewash cleanser with goldenseal & echinacea. Removes encrustations and foreign debris.
  • Happy Traveler - Great for those difficult times for your pet: Car Rides, Visits to Vets, Bath-Time, House Guests, Thunderstorms and Fireworks.
  • Ginger Mint - Soothes the stomach.


The Voting is on

Stop in our store this week and cast your vote to name our logo dog!

Our pack members played the Name Game and posted 20 name suggestions on our Facebook page.  Now is the time for you to choose the winner!



Vet? You Bet!

Stop in to chat with veterinarian Dr. Steven Raabe this Saturday, April 30th. He will be with us at 1:30pm and will stay until he is done answering your questions.

This is a monthly series featuring Dr. Raabe and Dr. Jaeger from Prairie Animal Hospital, S.C.

Dr. Raabe is certified in veterinary acupuncture, which is used to treat and prevent many conditions in our pets. He also offers other alternative medicines including Chinese herbs (TCVM) and homeopathic remedies.

Join us for this informal chance to ask Dr. Raabe any questions you may have regarding acupuncture, Chinese herbs, homeopathic remedies or any other questions you’ve always wanted to ask a full-service veterinarian.


Shower Them With Great Gifts

April Showers bring May Flowers. They also bring our new “Baby Shower” Registry!

Adding a new dog or cat to your household? Register them at End of the Leash so your friends, family and neighbors can shower your new family member with the best supplies and gifts available.


$800 in a SNAP!

Say CHEESE!S = Does your dog Smile?

N = Next of kin have a great grin?

A = Does your rabbit strike A pose?

P = Is your cat Purrrfectly poised?

We wanna see how happy you and your furry family members are and make some homeless/injured animals happy, too!


Starting Sunday, May 1st our SNAP-To-It photo contest begins.

Each month for four consecutive months enter photos of your happy family in our contest and win an amazing array of prizes.

End of the Leash will donate $1.00 per entry (household) for the first 200 entries in each category to be donated to the following non-profit organizations:

May 2011 — Dog Month (post all those happy canines)
Lakeland Animal Shelter and Bichon & Little Buddies Rescue will each receive $100.

June 2011 — People Month (post all those happy humans)
American Cancer Society and The Alzheimer’s Association will each receive $100.

July 2011 — Small Animal Month (post those happy critter photos—any furry or feathered critter smaller than a bread box)
Fellow Mortals will receive a donation.

August 2011 — Cat Month (post those happy felines)
Community Cat will receive a donation.


Contest De-TAILS:

Visit our Facebook page and post your photo(s) during the specified month.

The photo that receives the highest number of “Likes” by the last day of the month is the winner.

The prize package for the Dog Month is a $200.00 Value and contains 28# Acana Ranchlands food, Alligator Dental Chew, Three Dog Bakery Crème Cookies, Furminator Tool, Furminator Spray, Hyper Products Cleanup Claw, and a $50.00 Gift Certificate.

There is no limit to the numbers of times you can enter.

Be sure to spread the word to all your Facebook friends!


Don’t forget to stop in this week and vote to choose our Logo Dog’s name! 

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