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The Best & the Worst Pet Foods

Dr. Karen Becker Talks Food

Last week on our Facebook page, we posted Part 1 of Dr. Becker’s video regarding the top 3 pet foods you can purchase—AND where to purchase them (hint—EOTL is the ideal place!).


In Part 2 of this video, Dr. Becker takes you into the back room of the Bad Dog Frida pet boutique where she stashed a few pet food purchases from a big box pet supply store and a supermarket. Now it’s time for some invaluable advice on pet foods you’ll want to avoid at all costs.


Keep On S.N.A.P.’ing!

We are a little over half way in our Facebook SNAP contest this month!

May is dog month so post those smiling canines and you could win a $200.00 prize package that includes a $50.00 gift certificate to the store.

Also, we will match every household entry with $1.00 for the first 200 entries that will be split and donated to Bichon & Little Buddies Rescue and Lakeland Animal Shelter.

Smiles = $ = Helping Homeless Animals!


Have a fantastic weekend!

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