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We're Ticked Off

Those little buggers are out in force! Fight back with these great natural products that are effective and safe.

One of the newest products on the market is now in our store—the shoo!TAG. This exciting product is guaranteed to work for you, your dog, cat or horse or your money back.

Here’s what the shoo!TAG website has to say about their revolutionary product:


Some products sound complicated, but are actually very simple (we like to say brilliant) in how they work. This is the case with the shoo!TAG® product.

When we set out to create shoo!TAG® we knew we wanted a product that was completely “Green.” One of our pet peeves is the damaging effects that the typical insect sprays or lotions can have on the environment. Plus we wanted to design a product that was completely safe for use with all other devices such as a pacemaker or animal microchip. As a result, we created shoo!TAG®–a safe, “Green” and chemical-free product that protects people and animals against insects without the use of lotions or sprays.

We even use recycled materials in our packaging, and our commitment to the environment does not stop there. When it is time to replace your shoo!TAG®, we offer a shoo!cycle program that invites our customers to join the effort to save our planet. Talk about full circle recycling!

The technology behind shoo!TAG® is that it creates a “frequency barrier” designed to protect people, pets and animals from insects. According to our research, each insect is repelled by a specific frequency— which explains why some packages contain more than one tag. We encode the frequency into a magnetic strip on the shoo!TAG®. (Yes, it’s the same type of strip used on your credit or debit card, and no we cannot add shoo!TAG® to your Visa card.) The product works because the natural energy field created by an animal or person expands the specific frequency, which creates a barrier from insects.

When used as instructed, the shoo!barrier lasts for up to 4 months. If you are a tad skeptical about the quality of our product, you have a right to be! After all, there are so many products on TV these days that sound too good to be true, and often are. What you need to know about shoo!TAG® is that first, it is not a perfect solution. Rather, it is a recipe that provides equal parts environmental protection, consumer health and safety, and awesome shoo!ing power. (yes we made that word up.)


Adopt - A - Thon this Weekend!

We’re partnering with the Lakeland Animal Shelter to host an ‘Adopt-A-Thon’ weekend this Mother’s Day Weekend! Join us Friday & Saturday from 11am-3pm to meet your new best friend.

Has mom been thinking about adding a new furry friend to her life? Lakeland will have dogs & cats available for adoption so be sure to join us. 


Lucky the Logo Dog!

Say “ARF!” To Lucky the Logo Dog!

You voted “Lucky” as your favorite name for our Logo Dog out of over 20 submissions.


Congratulations to Lindsey for submitting the winning contest name! She will be sporting Lucky’s image around town on her new End of the Leash long sleeve t-shirt.


S.N.A.P. to it

Our photo contest is off to a roar-ing start! Each photo submitted so far has made us smile, and we’re sure they’ll make you smile too.

May is Dog Month so post a photo(s) of your favorite canine. The photo that receives the highest number of “Likes” by the last day of the month is the winner.

The prize package for the Dog Month is a $200.00 Value and contains a 28# bag of Acana Ranchlands dog food, Alligator Dental Chew, Three Dog Bakery Crème Cookies, Furminator Tool, Furminator Spray, Hyper Products Cleanup Claw, and a $50.00 store Gift Certificate.

We will donate $1.00 for every entry for the first 200 entries to be divided by Lakeland Animal Shelter and Bichon & Little Buddies Rescue.

There is no limit to the numbers of times you can enter.

Be sure to spread the word to all your Facebook friends!


Enjoy the weekend!

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