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Hug a Mush!

Bernards & Bags

This Saturday, June 18th from 11-3pm the Wisconsin Saint Bernard Rescue will have dogs available for adoption at EOTL and there will be a MICHE BAG SALE!

50% commission of all Miche Bags sold will be donated to WSBR.

Buy a bag—hug a mush—adopt a Bernard.


FREE Primal Pet Foods Starter Pak

Grab a coupon off our freezer and get your pet started on raw—for FREE.

The Primal Starter Pak is an optimum way to begin offering your beloved companion wholesome, human-grade raw foods that will enhance overall health, happiness and longevity. The Canine Starter Pak is a 12 oz. variety pack of 1 oz. nuggets, and the Feline Starter Pak is a 6 oz. variety pack of 1 oz. nuggets. Both the Canine and Feline Starter Paks include transition and feeding instructions and a Primal brochure explaining all the benefits of feeding raw.

Canine Starter Pak (12 oz.):  

  • 3 oz. of four canine formulas (beef, chicken, duck, lamb)
  • Individually vacuum-packed bags of three 1 oz. frozen nuggets
  • Transition and feeding instructions
  • Brochure

Feline Starter Pak (6 oz.): 

  • 3 oz. of four feline formulas (beef & salmon, quail, chicken & salmon, turkey)
  • Individually vacuum-packed bags of three 1 oz. frozen nuggets
  • Transition and feeding instructions
  • Brochure

Primal Starter Pak Benefits:

  • An introduction to raw at an affordable price.
  • Tips on transitioning your animal to a raw-food diet.
  • Instructions on how much to feed and how often.
  • Background on the BARF diet and Primal products.
  • Detailed safe handling instructions.

The Primal Starter Pak… Education. Transition. Results. It’s a great way to start!


Animal Communication this Saturday, June 18th

Rebecca Moravec will be here this Saturday to talk with your animals.

Here’s what Rebecca says on her website:

Animal Communication, also known as interspecies telepathic communication is the ability to telepathically connect with a being of another species and communicate with them. Two-way communication is accomplished not only with words, but with images, feelings, thoughts and emotions.

All species are born with this ability. Unfortunately for humans, telepathic… abilities are quickly lost, not only because we become so accustomed to verbal speech, but also because our society does not readily accept this form of communication.

Some people may think animal communication is very odd, or even unbelievable. The truth is that by communicating with other species, one begins to understand the interconnection of all living things. One can experience the beauty and harmony that is possible when we understand that all living creatures are intelligent beings, with their own feelings, thoughts, desires and perceptions of life and those they interact with.

Having the opportunity to find out what your animal companion’s thoughts, feelings and attitudes are can greatly enhance your relationship with one another and bring great joy and happiness into your life.

Call the store at 262.363.3338 to reserve your spot.


Have a paw-riffic week!

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