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Go, Tell It on the Mountain...

Chattin’ About Cat Food

In the span of just a couple days we had two new customers tell us what amazing results they have seen from putting their cat on one of our high quality/grain free foods.

One customer was referred to our store by a friend and she was feeding her cat a low quality food. Her cat was overweight and medical issues were developing which she discussed with her veterinarian.

Switching to a grain free food actually changed the personality of one of the cats. The feline’s owner told us her cat used to be constantly agitated, eating non edible objects, restful and uneasy. The food switch immediately calmed the cat down and she was so grateful to have her “old” cat back again!

We love hearing stories of how good, balanced nutrition changes lives. Tell us yours! We’ll be posting something about these on Facebook or possibly the blog in the near future.


Keepin’ Cool

Did you know your dog can suffer heat exhaustion and heat stroke just like humans do? They can’t regulate their body temperatures like us and only have the ability to sweat through their paw pads.

When the temperatures climb we’ve got a wonderful collar to help your friend beat the heat. The KOOL COLLAR! A great price and an amazing design allows you to use the collar summer after summer by just inserting ice cubes.

Here’s a great link from The Wisconsin Humane Society on how to help keep your companions cool in the summer heat.

You can also help keep Rover cool by picking up one of our newest products - Yoghund Organic Frozen Yogurt. The store dogs give this one 4 paws up!


This Points for You

Wisconsin German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue will join us this Saturday, June 11th from 10-2pm with adoptable dogs. Always wanted to know more about German Shorthaired Pointers? Now’s your chance! They can make great family pets and tend to live long, active lives.



Buck Mountain

Head to the mountains to rid your friend of fleas, ticks and other insects. An old favorite of ours is back on the shelves – Buck Mountain Parasite Dust.

Nearly all insects are immediately disabled and then die after contact with Buck Mountain Parasite Dust (e.g. fleas, ticks, lice, flies, etc.). Fleas and their eggs, larvae and pupae, die quickly when they come in contact with this product.

Dust along the back from head to tail and brush against the hair growth to reach the skin. Repeat after bath, swim or heavy rain and as needed to prevent infestation.

The active ingredients include Organic Neem (Azadirachta indica, which is very healing and is a vermifuge and pesticide), Organic Yarrow and Diatom Flour. A 3oz. jar has an indefinite shelf life.

The oil of neem is tough to work with because it is messy. Powdered neem herb is very effective if insects come in contact with it. Therefore, a very fine powder is a building block of their ecto-parasiticide (cool word, huh?).

Over the years treating wounds on horses, it was observed by Buck Mountain that yarrow when applied as a vulnerary to fly covered wounds, resulted in the flies vacating the horse. Buck Mountain was unsuccessful in making a yarrow extract that repelled insects only the powdered whole herb acts as a repellent and is an active ingredient in this product.

Lice, mites, ticks, etc. infestations result in dermatitis of one degree or another. Yarrow is very healing and is a repellent, albeit a mild one, to some insects. Diatom flour cuts the exoskeleton of many bugs e.g. ants, beetles, etc. and they dehydrate and is an active principle in this product.

A combination of neem, yarrow and diatom flour makes a fine parasiticide for use on animals in the stable, home, office, clinic, and in the garden.


Stay Kool this week!

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