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Cool Deals for Hot Dogs

S.N.A.P. Winner for June

Honey’s humans won the Happy Human SNAP Contest for June on our Facebook page!

Jenna Lindsey Hai Chesky posted a photo that had the most “Likes” for the month of June and she won a prize package worth $215.00. They stopped in to pick up their prize and we SNAP-ped a picture of them. It’s easy to see why they were the happiest humans on Facebook!

We are grateful to everyone that took the time to enter the contest—all the photos made us (and our friends) smile.

The contest continues for July with Small Animal Month.


Go RAW – Cool deals for hot dogs

Now is the perfect time to stock your freezer and give your dog some cool products for July. We’re doing a Nature’s Variety promotion for the month of July on medallions, patties and bones.

Grab a coupon off our freezers and get:

  • $3.00 off Medallions
  • $5.00 off Patties
  • $2.00 off Bones



Natural Balance Skateboard Winner

Jake’s got a new pair of wheels! He is the lucky winner of the Natural Balance Skateboard raffle.

Check out Tillman’s RAD moves HERE!

Congratulations Jake – thanks for playing and here’s to smooth riding.



Keeping Cool

Summer has finally arrived and we are stocked up with products to keep your pet cool and safe when the temperatures soar:

Kumfy Koats - Kumfy Tailz has taken proven gel pack technology for humans and incorporated it into an apparel line for dogs called Kumfy Koatz. Every Kumfy Koatz includes a Kumfy Pax gel pack that is non-toxic, reusable, and easy to use. Simply insert the Kumfy Pax into the pouch to warm and/or cool your dog in extreme weather conditions.

Kool Collar – our Pack Members favorite. Fill the lightweight collar with ice cubes or the refreezable gel pack. Incredibly easy to use, reasonably priced and will last year after year.

Kool Dogz – make a giant, frozen ice treat for your dogs to enjoy in the yard. Can include toys and treats to make it even more fun to lick. Warning, the neighbor dogs may not want to leave.

Freezy Pups Kit – organic, flavored, bone shaped ice cubes.

Yoghund Frozen Yogurt – organic frozen yogurt for your pooch.


Happy Summer!

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