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Mark Your Calendars...


There’s LOTS going on at EOTL in the coming weeks. Be sure to mark your calendars now!

Essential Oils are Essential

Susie Bower, owner of End of the Leash, will present a seminar here on Thursday, November 3rd from 6-7:30pm on using essential oils with your animals. The fee for this seminar is $10.00 which includes a $5.00 gift certificate to the store. Cats, Dogs, Horses & Birds all benefit from the amazing powers of therapeutic grade oils.

Susie has worked with essential oils for years, and recently attended a weekend intensive course taught by Dr. Melissa Shelton with Crow Animal Hospital who has worked with, and tested the benefits of, oils with a variety of animals.

Here’s some valuable information from Dr. Shelton’s website to introduce you her and her work:

Essential Oils continue to be a controversial subject in the world of Veterinary Medicine. After meeting many successful essential oil users, holistic veterinarian Dr. Melissa Shelton became dedicated to uncovering the truth behind the toxicity reports in animals. For over 2 years, she has worked with medical grade essential oils daily within her veterinary practice, in ways that even she couldn’t fathom.

Her work has prompted her to sit on the Research Committee of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association and many of her case studies are being prepared for publishing. Dr. Shelton has shared her knowledge and experiences internationally, and she is currently scheduled to speak in locations across the United States and Australia.

Through combining the use of medical grade essential oils with other holistic tools, Dr. Shelton has helped many animals for which traditional medicine has had no answer. She has also authored the book entitled “Essential Oils for Natural Pet Care: A Veterinarian’s Desk Reference for the Top Health Concerns of Cats, Dogs, and Horses.

Dr. Melissa Shelton is an internationally recognized holistic veterinarian, and owner of Crow River Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic, who specializes in using medical grade essential oils for complete and natural care of all animals. By using essential oils along with nutrition, whole food supplements, Reiki, animal communication, Alpha-Stimulation, and more - Dr. Shelton has helped many animals for which traditional medicine has no answer.

Prevention of disease remains a passion for Dr. Shelton. Young or Old, Sick or Healthy - there are benefits in including Nature’s amazing healing properties into your companion’s life. Dr. Shelton focuses on the fact that when holistic care can do so much in the face of disease - imagine the impact that can be had if we were to use our tools before the illness.

Dr. Shelton shares her knowledge and experiences through her love of teaching and writing. She has been asked to teach world wide, and currently has courses scheduled across the United States and Australia. She was co-presenter of the very popular “Holistic Animal Care…Naturally” at the Young Living International Grand Convention in 2010. She will be presenting again at the U.S. Young Living Convention in Orlando, Florida in September 2011 and also at the Australian Young Living Convention in October 2011.

Recently, she has completed her book entitled “Essential Oils for Natural Pet Care: A Veterinarian’s Desk Reference for the Top Health Concerns of Cats, Dogs, and Horses.” The Animal Desk Reference is currently being written and is expected to be released Summer of 2012.


Chiropractic Adjustments for your dog at End of the Leash

This Thursday, September 29th Dr. Deanna Witte with Witte’s Natural Veterinary Care will be at the store to do consultations and chiropractic adjustments for your dog!

Appointments are for 20 minutes and include a consultation and adjustment.

You can also make an appointment for a holistic consultation with Dr. Witte to discuss holistic options for your pet (nutrition, supplements, essential oils etc…).

About Witte’s Veterinary Care:

Veterinary service providing traditional and alternative treatment options for your pets. Services include spinal manipulative therapy, wellness exams with individualized vaccination schedules, medical treatment, aromatherapy/therapeutic oils, western herbs, nutrition counseling, and whole food supplementation.

Call the store to reserve your spot: 262-363-3338.


Friends Feeding Friends

Barney, the inspiration behind Barney’s Blessings Pet Food Pantry in Mukwonago. You stocked up on Fromm food during the August “Feeding Friends” Promotion and because of that a check for $550.83 was sent to our chosen charity - Barney’s Blessings Pet Food Pantry.

Thank you for supporting a great charity in our community and a local, family-owned pet food company.

An excerpt from the Fromm letter of thanks:

It is our desire to help the abandoned dogs and cats in today’s weak economy. We hope that introducing these people to a family owned company, such as Fromm Family Foods, that people will also learn about a company that truly cares. Again, please accept our thanks for the assistance you have given to the community.

Lakeland Animal Shelter

Stop in the store this Friday, September 30th between 11-3pm to meet adoptable dogs & cats from Lakeland Animal Shelter.

Lakeland Animal Shelter is currently caring for over homeless 300 cats and kittens. If you were thinking of adding a new feline family member, now is a great time!

Learn more about all the programs and services they offer and all the available animals they have for adoption.


Hope to see you tomorrow or Friday :)

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