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A Cat Litter So Amazing--It's NUTS!

Our store kitties agree, this is one amazing litter and we love the fact that it is:

  • 100% Natural
  • Biodegradable
  • Fast Clumping
  • Low Dust
  • Superior Odor Control

Purr & Simple™ Kwik Klump Formula Cat Litter is made from nutshells but it comes in a granular, clumping form. The fast-forming, hard clumps are easy to scoop with great odor eliminating power. The natural soil-like color of Purr & Simple™ camouflages feces and is your cats naturally preferred restroom.

Based on a single cat household Purr & Simple™ Kwik Klump Formula typically lasts 4 weeks between changes. Individual results may vary.

Flushing: Purr & Simple™ Pellet Formula Cat Litter has been certified as “Safe to dispose of by flushing in toilets.*” It is recommended that a maximum of 4-5 cups of used Purr & Simple™ Pellet Formula Cat Litter should be flushed at a time.

From the Earth to the Earth
Mother Nature provided Purr & Simple™ with an incredibly effective odor neutralizing ingredient the Nutshell! This all-natural cat litter maintains a proprietary blend of fibrous material from tree-nut crops.

This revolutionary cat litter is annually renewable made from resources that can be restored by nature within one year!

Think about it… the trees that are planted to produce food for the world convert carbon dioxide to oxygen. Then tree-nut by-products are used as cat litter to solve a common household problem odor control from pets. And after use, Purr & Simple can be returned to the Earth as compost.

Can you think of a more environmentally friendly product with a lower carbon footprint?


Bags & Bernards


St. Bernard Rescue will be at the store this Saturday, January 21st from 10-2pm. What better time than winter to adopt a Saint!

Along with available Saints for adoption, there will be a Miche Bag sale and raffle. There will also be a free raffle drawing for a Miche Bag!!

A portion of all proceeds from the sale of bags on this day will benefit the rescue.


Animal Communication

Animal Communicator Rebecca Moravec will be at the store this Saturday, January 21st.

Find out what your animal is thinking and feeling and work through any behavior issues you may be experiencing. Bring your animal with you or bring in a photograph.

Rebecca can also communicate with your animal friends that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Twenty minute and half hour consultations are available – call the store for rates and to schedule your appointment at 262-363-3338.


Have a fantastic day!

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