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Congrats to Susie!

Entrepreneur of the Year

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End of the Leash was presented with the Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the Mukwonago Chamber of Commerce Awards Banquet last week.

Store owner, Susie Bower, is pictured at left with the Field Representative from Paul Ryan’s Office, Nate Schacht. “Thanks everybody!” Susie said. “I appreciate your support and really appreciate all the amazing customers I have!”

Plaque Wording:
“In recognition of your outstanding entrepreneurial spirit that contributes towards the enhancement of the Mukwonago Area Community and dedication to the Mukwonago Area Chamber of Commerce.”

Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition from US Congressman Paul Ryan:
“In recognition of receiving the prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Mukwonago Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism. I commend your hard work, selfless dedication, and commitment to excellence in making End of the Leash a successful business. Your entrepreneurial spirit is very admirable and serves as an inspiration to the entire business community. On behalf of the residents of the Mukwonago community and Wisonsin’s 1st Congressional District, your exemplary professional and community service is admirable.”


Take Me Out To The Ballgame

What is your pet’s theme song?

Post a photo of your pet on our Facebook Wall and tell us what their “theme song” is.

For example, Wylie’s theme song is “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” because two of his favorite things are peanuts and playing ball.

The photo with the most LIKES by Valen-TAILS Day wins a $25.00 Gift Certificate to the store!

What song best describes your pet? Join in the fun and we guarantee you will come away singing and smiling!





Lakeland Animal Shelter

This Friday, January 27th from 11-3pm Lakeland Animal Shelter will have adoptable dogs and cats at the store.

Stop in to say hello, learn about Lakeland’s plans for a new shelter and to possibly meet your new best friend.



Why Should Pet Food Have Moisture?

Taken from The Honest Kitchen:

Kidney diseases and urinary tract issues in cats are rampant in this country. Cats, being desert animals by nature, are designed to get water from their food. A cat’s normal prey is at least 70% water. Dry food only contains 5-10% moisture, while canned and dehydrated foods (as well as fresh and frozen raw) have over 70% moisture on an as-fed basis.

The Importance of Moisture in Pet Food
Domestic cats may not be inclined to drink as much water from a bowl as they would from a moving water source, even moreso than dogs. This lack of moisture in the diet of our pets can lead to dehydration and kidney issues. Feeding a high moisture food puts that much needed water back into their diet - and ultimately into the digestive tract.

The old adage ‘you are what you eat’ should be taken one step further to ‘you are what you absorb.’ This applies to our own diets, but also to that of our paw-ed friends. For adequate absorption and assimilation of ingredients, at least a portion of a pet’s meal should consist of two things:

  1. Contain at least 70% moisture (as-fed)
  2. Fresh ingredients (foods that have not been heavily cooked, not exceeding 165 degrees, or extruded

In addition, when feeding a dehydrated pet food (hydrated once fed), this meal contains more fresh ingredients, and the potency and integrity of these ingredients are maintained closer to as nature intended.

Read the rest of the story here on The Honest Kitchen site!

Earthborn Holistic

Our representative from Earthborn Holistic will be here this Friday, January 27th from 4-7pm and Saturday, January 28th from 10-2pm. Stop in for free samples and information about this great line of food.

From Earthborn Holistic:

Love Your Planet
We care not only about the nutritional needs of your dog, but also about the environment and the earth we inhabit. Our goal is to produce delicious, natural food for your dog and to create awareness about our environment, too. We don’t claim to be experts in the field of sustainability, but we are doing our part in every way possible to help take care of our planet.

Earthborn Holistic® packaging is made in North America from clean natural gas, versus crude oil, which means reduced dependency on foreign oil. We’ve reduced the size and weight of our packaging. Our plastic packaging is lighter and takes up less space, so more packages fit in a truck and less fuel is used in the supply chain. We’re using renewable resources to manufacture Earthborn Holistic® dog food, and we’re working to reduce our footprint on the planet.

You can do your part, also. There are many ways for each of us to help the environment and leave a better planet for the next generation:

  • Understand alternative energy
  • Educate children
  • Cut and offset emissions
  • Conserve land and water
  • Recycle waste
  • Reduce waste and reuse items
  • Use alternative transportation

Also, check out our UPCs for Trees program. When you send in your Earthborn Holistic® UPCs, we plant trees!

Love Your Dog. Love Your Planet.™


Hope to see you soon!

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