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EOTL-Pewaukee Celebrates Taste of Lake Country!

What does an author and an Honest Kitchen representative have in common? They will both be at End of the Leash in Pewaukee this Saturday, July 28th at 2pm!

Positively Pewaukee is celebrating their “Taste of Lake Country” event, highlighting the food, music and arts in Lake Country this Friday and Saturday.  It will take place at the Pewaukee lakefront.

Click the book cover to visit Michelle Grade’s Blog all about A Foster’s Tail!In celebration of this festival, End of the Leash-Pewaukee is proud to have a local author, Michelle Grade, join us for a book signing of A Foster’s Tail starting at 2pm on Saturday.

And if you’re interested in learning more about Honest Kitchen’s dehydrated pet foods, stop in to see their rep starting at 2pm!

Head on over with your furry companion to sample what we have to offer! We will have extended evening hours during this event.



Dr. Witte Now at EOTL Twice a Month! 

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Deanna Witte of Witte’s Veterinary care will now be visiting our Mukwonago location twice a month!

Her visits for August will be Monday, August 9th and Monday August 23rd.  Watch the blog weekly for more details!

About Witte’s Veterinary Care:

Veterinary service providing traditional and alternative treatment options for your pets. Services include spinal manipulative therapy, wellness exams with individualized vaccination schedules, medical treatment, aromatherapy/therapeutic oils, western herbs, nutrition counseling, and whole food supplementation.

Appointments are for 20 minutes and include a consultation and adjustment. Call the store to reserve your spot: 262-363-3338.


This Week’s Adoptable Pet

The lucky family that adopts this pet featured here on our blog will receive a coupon from Lakeland good for a “congratulations” gift bag from End of the Leash!

To learn more about how to adopt through Lakeland, please visit their adoption page.  You may also give them a call at 262.723.1000.

Ted from Lakeland is featured here today.

My name is Ted. I have a friend named Amy who volunteers here at the shelter. She is my best bud and knows a lot about me. She spends time with me playing ball, which is one of my FAVORITE games to play. She takes me to outreach events and she trained me in the Bright Futures training class. I know “sit”, “down”, “wait”, “off”, “stay”, and “here”.

She even takes me to work with her for the day now and then where she has learned that I am housetrained and will go to the door to tell her that I need to go out.

I love other dogs, they really bring out the best in me. In my previous home I was even really good friends with some small dogs and we got along totally great! I can go home with kids of all ages as well, and I think that’s super exciting.

I have to apologize for something though…  If you like me enough to take me out for a walk during your visit here at the shelter, I may not be able to give you the “connection” that you’re looking for while you consider adopting a new friend. You see, I’m a bird dog and I have a job to do when I go out—point birds. Here at the shelter they do their absolute best to take care of me, but they’re not able to meet all of my needs. I need to run around, point birds, play ball and burn off my energy. If I can have my needs met I am absolutely capable and happy to bond and connect with my human friends. When I go to work with Amy she sees a completely different dog than I am here at the shelter. I am interested in treats, and in cuddling with her and in playing a little bit of kissy-face as well!

Ted and his best buddy, Amy, who volunteers at Lakeland Animal Shelter.If you don’t believe me, just call my friend Amy. They have her phone number at the front desk. She’ll be happy to tell you everything she’s learned about me. AND, she’s even willing to volunteer her time for dog meetings, home visits, etc. if you should need her to. Can you believe she loves me that much? Yep, she does!

Oh, P.S.!  There’s a sign on my kennel that says I can jump fences. While it may be true that if I am in a fenced in area & see a bird that I want to get to or if you were to leave me outside alone in a fenced in area I might try to get out, I might add that my previous owner did not have a fenced in yard and did not tie me up when I went out to potty or play. If my people are outside WITH ME, I do my running around, bird pointing, and ball playing and come back to the humans I love. My friend Amy is in the process of proving this about me!

I just need a second chance. Maybe you could give me that chance?  —Ted


In-Store Specials!

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  • $5 coupon on Nature’s Variety 5# chubs
  • $6 off select bags of Wellness Core for cats and Wellness SFS for dogs
  • $8 off select bags of Go!, Now! and Natural Balance Synergy

Stop in soon, all offers are while supplies last!


Happy Summer!

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