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Can You Dig It? We Can!

Check out our new Teddy the Dog End of the Leash t-shirts NOW in stock! 

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Have You Seen Dr. Witte Yet?

Every Thursday, Dr. Deanna Witte of Witte’s Veterinary Care visits our Mukwonago store.  She provides holistic options consultation services as well as spinal manipulation and cold laser therapy for your pet!  

Appointments are 20 minutes and include consult and adjustment. 

Please call 262.363.3338 to reserve your appointment.  


Chill Out! 

Like many young dogs of active breeds, Squid needs a lot of intense exercise in order to be capable of focus and participation in training. Walking around the block doesn’t cut it for dogs like this.


Photo and caption courtesy of The Whole Dog Journal.

The Whole Dog Journal offers tips on what to do for the "Energizer Bunny" dog in your life with their article, "Training a Hyperactive Dog to Calm Down."

This is a MUST read.  Please share with family and friends.!


Lakeland Adoptables at our Mukwonago Location

Looking to add to your furry family?  

Stop by the Mukwonago EOTL this Friday, October 18th between 11am-3pm to meet adoptables from Lakeland Animal Shelter! 



Fall Savings Continue...

We've extended our Fall Fest specials through the end of October!  Stop in the Mukwonago store to take advantage of :

  • 2 for $10 – Sam’s Yams Crunchers in assorted flavors
  • 50% off costumes and Halloween shirts
  • 40% off life jackets
  • 40% off cool collars
  • 30% off cooling mats
  • 50% Bio-spot flea and tick
  • 20% off all other flea and tick products
  • 30% winter clothing for pets

Offers valid only in Mukwonago, while supplies last through October 31st. 


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