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“Is this safe?”  “Is it healthy?”  “What are the side effects?”

There are many questions responsible pet owners ask before exposing Fido and Fluffy to new things. Here are some links that help you understand the risks and drawbacks or what is safe exposure for your beloved pet.

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Dr. Becker says to use Ivermectin (anti-parasitic, heartworm) with caution.

In her article, “Use Extreme Caution with This Drug” she says,  “Ivermectin is an anti-parasite medication given to dogs to prevent heartworm disease and to treat various other parasite-related conditions like demodectic and sarcoptic mange, and ear mites.”  She discusses the risks of neurological disorders in dogs from using Ivermectin, symptoms of its toxicity and diagnosis and treatment. 


Dog Food Advisor shared a link talking about the growing dangers of aflatoxins, why they are increasing and how to avoid them. (HINT…you won’t find it in any foods sold at End of the Leash!)

What are aflatoxins? “Aflatoxin is the byproduct of a mold that flourishes in dry conditions, and last year’s historic drought in the U.S. Midwest put everyone from farmers to grain handlers and food industry officials on high alert.”

Read “Dog Food Recall Underscores Toxic Danger in Drought-Hit US Corn” to learn more.

Toxic Treats

Do you know where your treat ingredients are sourced?  Feeding high-quality treats is just as important as feeding high-quality food.  Dr. Becker alerts us to another jerky recall and also gives recommendations for avoiding tainted treats.

Vets on Vaccines

Dr. Christina Chambreau, via Dogs Naturally Magazine’s Facebook page, talks about educating yourself on the risks of overvaccination.

And for their fans on Facebook, Dogs Naturally also offers a free ebook on titers!  Click here for the free ebook.

Lawn Chemicals

And as we draw closer to spring (not that it looks like it out there now!), Dogs Naturally Magazine provides some excellent tips on how to get a green, lush lawn that’s safe for your pets (and you!) and also some statistics linking lawn chemicals with cancer in your pets. Click here for the article.


Pewaukee Nail Clinic
Saturday, March 9th

This Saturday is the monthly Pewaukee Nail Clinic!  Stop by the store between 10am-2pm.  Klips by Kate from New Berlin will be providing the nail service for March’s clinic.

The nail clinics are on the second Saturday of every month, so our next one will be April 13th.


Demos at EOTL Mukwonago

Stop by our Mukwonago location throughout March for demos from some of our pet food companies!

First, a representative from Zignature will be here Friday, March 8th from 2-6pm and then again on Friday, March 22nd from 2-6pm

Zignature foods are based on the science of the glycemic index for your dog.

Curious? Check out one of our demo dates for more info!


Also, representatives from Nature’s Variety will be here Saturday, March 9th from 11am-3pm

Nature’s Variety provides high quality kibble, canned and raw pet food. They would love to give you more information on optimum nutrition for your pet!


Earthborn Holistic will have representatives here several times in March!  They will be here March 10th, 17th and 24th from 10am-2pm.

Earthborn focuses on balanced nutrition to nourish the whole pet.  They also offer grain-free. They are committed to environmental protection—“acting responsibly on behalf of the planet.”


Lastly, Stella & Chewy’s will be visiting Saturday, March 16th from 10am-3pm. 

S&C’s is a local company here in SE Wisconsin.  They focus on raw, unprocessed foods specially formulated for dogs and cats.


Instinct Sale!

For the month of March:

  • Nature’s Variety Instinct Dry Kibble for dogs: $5 off the small bag, $7 off the mid-size, and $9 off the large.
  • Cat food is $5 off!

Another quality food company to rotate into your pet’s diet!


Have a purrr-fect weekend!

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