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Itchy, Owie!

Okay, you’re already feeding a raw diet to your pet…rotating proteins frequently…supplementing with digestive enzymes/probiotics, omega 3s and coconut oil…

…Why is your pet still miserable with his allergies?

Educate yourself about another possible trigger and what to do about it from Dr. Becker in her article, “The Critter Invasion That Can Make Your Pet’s Life Miserable (Not Fleas)”.

So just what are these little critters? None other than DUST MITES. Read the full article at healthypets.mercola.com to learn more about them, the symptoms of dust mite allergies in your pets, and how to diagnose and treat it as well.


Our new and improved retail website!

The first page of the Dog/Treats category on our retail website! Large photos, lots of great product information and plenty to choose from. Check out our site and let us know what you think! (Please note: Some product descriptions are in the process of being updated and may not be shown.)If you haven’t heard—our new retail website is now LIVE!

Click on the SHOP button up there under our page banner or simply go to www.endoftheleash.com and check it out!

Even if you always shop at our brick and mortar locations, our website is a great resource for knowing if we may carry a product and to learn more about it. Of course we don’t quite yet have the many, many hundreds of products we offer all on our website, but they are being added as quickly as we can!

Check back frequently or please email us if there’s something you wish to see and don’t! We appreciate your feedback and your business!


This Week’s Adoptable Pet

Click the photo to visit End of the Leash’s facebook page for a full write-up and lots more photos of Minion!The lucky family that adopts this pet featured here on our blog will receive a coupon from Lakeland good for a “congratulations” gift bag from End of the Leash!

To learn more about how to adopt through Lakeland, please visit their adoption page.  You may also give them a call at 262.723.1000.

Minion from Lakeland is featured here today.

Minion lived in a household in Lyons, WI, in which a fire destroyed and afterward his owners were unable to keep him.

He is in need of a loving, furever home! Here’s a little bit about him…Minion is fab. He loves to sit on your lap and just hang out. He is a junkie for carrots, celery and apples - treats give him instant energy and he runs hot laps around his pigloo like a nut. He needs a home where he will get lots of cuddles and attention.”

For his whole story, please visit our Facebook page.  


 Lakeland Adoptables at EOTL Mukwonago

Mark your calendars!

Adoptable dogs and cats will be at the Mukwonago store on Friday, May 24th from 11am-3pm.


Understand Your Pet on a Whole New Level

Rebecca Moravec, Animal Communicator. Click the photo to visit her website and learn more about Animal Communication!Animal Communicator Rebecca Moravec will be here at EOTL Mukwonago on Saturday, June 15th from 10am-2pm.

Find out what your animal is thinking and feeling and work through any behavior issues you may be experiencing. Bring your animal with you or bring in a photograph.

Rebecca can also communicate with your animal friends that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Twenty minute and half hour consultations are available—call the store for rates and to schedule your appointment at 262-363-3338.


Spinal Manipulation & Holistic Consultations
for your pet at End of the Leash

Dr. Deanna Witte comes to our Mukwonago store every Thursday to do consultations and/or spinal manipulations for your pet.  

She is now offering cold laser therapy!  She says, “This is a great method of treating arthritis, soft tissue injuries, wounds, inflammation, and surgical incisions. I will be able to offer this not only at the clinic, but also when I am “on location” as well.”  (On location includes her visits to End of the Leash!)

You can also make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Witte to discuss holistic options for your pet (nutrition, supplements, essential oils etc…).  Appointments are for 20 minutes and include a consultation and adjustment. Call the store to reserve your spot: 262-363-3338.

About Witte’s Veterinary Care:

Veterinary service providing traditional and alternative treatment options for your pets. Services include spinal manipulative therapy, wellness exams with individualized vaccination schedules, medical treatment, aromatherapy/therapeutic oils, western herbs, nutrition counseling, and whole food supplementation. House calls available upon request.

Visit Witte’s Natural Veterinary Care on Facebook for more information.

Have a paw-some week!

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