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They Like to Move It, Move it!

Our pets need daily exercise--just like we do--for optimal health.  Trade in your gym card for your leash, and follow these tips from Dr. Becker!

For all the details, read the entire article: Turning Your Dog into Your Workout Partner. 

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  • Many dog owners live with the nagging concern that their pet isn’t getting enough exercise. As they head off to the gym or out for a run, they feel incredibly guilty leaving their bored, sad four-legged friend behind.          
  • Believe it or not, with a little effort, your dog can become a great workout partner. She’s always ready to get up and go, and she’ll be careful to remind you every single day when it’s “that time” – time for your power walk or daily jog.
  • You can also take advantage of playtime with your dog to get in some additional exercise.

Since Dr. Becker was talking harnesses, have you seen our line by Bark Appeal

Lightweight, cool mesh allows freedom of movement while keeping your pet safe and secure by your side on your walk! 


No Guts, No Glory...The Stink on Tripe

From Dogs Naturally Magazine:

"Not only is tripe loaded with digestive enzymes and probiotics, it has the perfect ratio of calcium to phosphorus – 1:1. Green tripe also contains the essential fatty acids, Linoleic and Linolenic, in their recommended proportions.  It can also be served in nice, large rubbery chunks which will provide your dog with good exercise and better dental health.

To find out more, read the entire article, "The Stink on Tripe" at dogsnaturallymagazine.com. 


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