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Country Gals for Adoption!


This Week's Adoptables from HAWS

The lucky family that adopts one of the pets featured here on our blog will receive a coupon from HAWS good for a “congratulations” gift bag from End of the Leash!

To learn more about how to adopt through HAWS, please visit their adoption page.  You may also give them a call at 262.542.8851.

Reba, Dolly, Miranda, Shania & Carrie are a girl-supergroup of Roborovski Dwarf Hamsters. They are very social creatures and are much happier living together instead of alone, so they'll need to be adopted in groups (or altogether!).  They are tiny and very high energy hamsters who rarely sit still unless they are sleeping. This makes them hard to handle...and probably not the best pets to live in a child's bedroom. But, since they are lots of fun to watch and very entertaining, you'll want them in your living room, family room, or rec room so you don't miss a minute of their antics!


Morise is a very sweet 2 year old neutered male surrendered in November of 2014 and currently residing with his friends at Hooves and Paws Pet & Equine Supply in Oconomowoc.  He spends his days there basking in the sun and greeting all of the customers. 


Last chance to save on raw!

Stock up this month on all flavors of Nature's Variety Instinct Raw diets!  Enjoy a savings of:

  • $5.00 off 3# medallions
  • $6.00 off 4# bites
  • $6.00 off 6# patties!

Just a little over a week left on this sale, WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!


Dr. Witte: Out Wednesday, January 28th

Mark your calendar--Dr. Deanna Witte of Witte's Veterinary Care will not be at the Mukwonago store on Wednesday, January 28th.  She'll return to her weekly visit schedule on Wednesday, February 4th.  

Give us a call at 262.363.3338 to set up your appointment for a holistic consultation, cold laser therapy or chiropractic adjustment for your pet.


Lakeland Adoptables at Mukwonago EOTL

Stop by the Mukwonago EOTL Friday, January 30th, between 2-4pm to meet adoptables from Lakeland Animal Shelter.  

Did you know that Lakeland Animal Shelter cares for over 2,500 animals every year in the SE Wisconsin area?  At any given time, they house 40-60 dogs and 150-400 cats, and do not limit their intake based on the ages, temperament or health of the animals.  There is also no time limit for each animal's stay.  Each individual is treated with respect and compassion, and is given the treatments and training he/she needs to reach their full potential for adoption.  Read more about Lakeland's Mission and Philosophy.


We appreciate your visits!  Stop in to see us soon :)

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