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Preparing For a Power Outage When You Have Pets


It's WINTER in many parts of the U.S. and the world.  Winter storms many times bring power outages...sometimes for hours, or worse, for days.  Take action now to be prepared.  

Whether you have dogs, cats, pocket pets, fish or birds, this article by Dr. Karen Becker gives excellent prep tips as well as what to do during the outage to help ensure the safety of your pet!

Click here for the full article: --->  Pet Owner Alert: Preparing for a Power Outage


Special on Victor grain-free dog food

Through January 31st, receive $5.00 off ALL SIZES of in-stock Victor dog food!  

ALL Victor formulas share these qualities :

  • Free from Corn, Wheat, Soy, Gluten, Grain By-Products
  • All Naturally Formulated with no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors
  • Contains scientifically advanced additives from Alltech that works to support excellent digestion and immune system health
  • Selenium Yeast as the sole source of added Selenium in all formulas!

If you haven't tried this great, grain-free food, now is the perfect time!


Lakeland Adoptables at Mukwonago EOTL this Saturday

Stop by the Mukwonago EOTL this Saturday, January 9th between 11am-2pm to meet adoptables from Lakeland Animal Shelter!

Did you know that Lakeland Animal Shelter cares for over 2,500 animals every year in the SE Wisconsin area?  At any given time, they house 40-60 dogs and 150-400 cats, and do not limit their intake based on the ages, temperament or health of the animals.  There is also no time limit for each animal's stay.  Each individual is treated with respect and compassion, and is given the treatments and training he/she needs to reach their full potential for adoption. Read more about Lakeland's Mission and Philosophy.


Saturday, January 16th--make your appointment with Carolee!

Animal Communicator Carolee Biddle of Animal Connections will be back in our Mukwonago store on Saturday, January 16th from 11am-2pm.  

The cost is $50 for a 20-minute session.  To schedule your appointment, please call us at 262-363-3338. 

Curious about animal communication? Want to learn more?  Visit Carolee's website at www.animal-connections.com for insight on this intimate, effective tool you can use to bond with your animal companion and communicate with them in a whole new way! You can also visit her Facebook page.

"Animals are more than just our companions. They can be our teachers. We should always show them gratitude and respect. And if we can learn to live as they do—from the heart—the world can experience true peace and serenity."  www.animal-connections.com


Dr. Witte schedule change--PLEASE NOTE!

Until further notice, Dr. Deanna Witte will visit our Mukwonago store EVERY OTHER Wednesday to do consultations, cold laser therapy and/or spinal manipulations for your pet. Consultations include discussion of holistic options regarding nutrition, supplements and essential oils.  Please check our Store Events calendar for dates.

Appointments are for 20 minutes and include both consultation and adjustment. Call the store to reserve your spot: 262-363-3338.

In addition to coming to our Mukwonago store, Dr. Deanna Witte also offers phone consults during normal business hours at her clinic.  Call her at 262-736-1212 to schedule. Please be sure she has your pet's records to review beforehand.  Phone consultations are $45 to start; additional charges may be necessary for extended appointments.


Need help training your dog?

Debbie Karnes, owner of Canine Home School in Delafield, Wisconsin, will be offering individual training sessions to help you with your specific needs on a monthly basis in our Mukwonago store! 

Debbie's next visit will be on Tuesday, January 19th from 3-6:30pm.  

Call our store at 262.363.3338 to schedule a half hour session for you and your dog to work on the problem of your choice with Debbie--for only $30!  

From her website:

"I will provide you with the knowledge that you will need to form a long-lasting relationship with your best friend.  Using force free,  positive reinforcement training methods you will see how quickly your dog wants to learn."  


Happy 2016!

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