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Why Supplement with Enzymes?

Excerpt from "Enzymes and Your Dog" from dogsnaturallymagazine.com:

This is what happens when dogs eat processed pet foods.

Cooking at temperatures above 118°F destroys the naturally occurring enzymes in food. This means your dog’s body has to produce all of the enzymes necessary to digest the food and sooner or later, this limited supply will be used up.

If the body is constantly producing enzymes for digestion, it can’t produce the enzymes needed for maintaining healthy tissue and cleaning up toxins in the body. This places strain on the pancreas as it must be constantly producing digestive enzymes instead of its normal work as part of the immune system.

This strain leads to ill health, chronic disease such as diabetes, arthritis and allergies, and a shortened lifespan.

To read more about what digestive enzymes are, how they function in the diet, and why they are so important for good health, click here for the full article.

End of the Leash carries a variety of digestive enzymes for dogs and cats! Click the photos above to learn more.


Don't forget about Fromm's specials for January!

Through the entire month of January, we have special Fromm Flavors of the Month!

These sales apply to in-stock items only at both of our locations, while supplies last, through January 31st, 2017.

Fromm Flavors of the Month:

  • $5.00 Off 26 lb Bag Dog GF Salmon Tunalini
  • $5.00 Off 30 lb Bag Dog Salmon a la Veg
  • $3.00 Off 12 lb Bag Dog GF Salmon Tunalini
  • $3.00 Off 15 lb Bag Dog Salmon a la Veg
  • $2.00 Off 5 lb Bag Cat GF Salmon Tunachovy
  • $2.00 Off 4 lb Bag Dog GF Salmon Tunalini
  • $2.00 Off 5 lb Bag Dog Salmon a la Veg

January Nail Clinic

Did you miss our Mukwonago nail clinic earlier this month?  Nails by Jamie will be back again on Saturday, January 21st, from 10am-2pm.  Bring your pooch OR kitty! The cost is $10 per pet and is first come, first served.


Interested in PureVita or Natural Planet foods?

On Saturday, January 21st, a PureVita/Natural Planet foods rep will be at our Mukwonago store!  Stop in between 10am-2pm to learn more about these excellent foods for your animal friends.


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