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More Dog Games for Indoor Play

This week we have more indoor winter activity ideas for your dog! In fact, these “smelly” games are excellent all year round!

Modern Dog Magazine has an article, “8 Fun Scent Games Your Dog Will Love” that gives instructions for these easy yet stimulating games for your pooch: Find the Food, Pick the Hand, New Animal Scent, Hide & Seek, Shell Game, Where’s Dinner?, Scent Trails, and Find the Scent Itself. Not only will she have fun, but you will, too!

—-> Click here to check out the whole article!

And to spice up those games, why not try some new treats?

How about some Fromm Crunchy O’s or Benny Bullys?

Also, on sale this month at End of the Leash:

  • Mrs. Beaster's treats, $1 off

  • Punk-n-pyes treats, $3 off

AND for the kitties:

  • Fruitables Wildly Natural treats, $1 off

  • Buddy Biscuit cat treats, $1 off



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