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Animal Friends and Your Health


There are countless beneficial reasons to have animals as part of your family, as those with cats and dogs will heartily share! Not only can they be an endless source of entertainment, but they can also help encourage us to be active, keep us company, and remind us to play when our lives are busy and stressful.

We found two articles by Dr. Karen Becker discussing the benefits of having animals in our lives. They go well beyond the obvious reasons—here’s to having healthy, happy, long lives with our best furry friends by our side!

The Hidden Health Benefits of Owning a Dog: Dogs Can Often Increase Your Physical Activity, but Here's a Much Bigger Benefit

7 Things You Miss Out on by Not Owning a Cat: The Loving Pet with a Memory That's 192 Times Longer Than a Dog's


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To learn more about how to adopt through HAWS, please visit their adoption page.  You may also give them a call at 262.542.8851.

The HAWS Pet of the Week this week is Lavender, a small but stunning dilute tortoiseshell cat! She is seven years old and upon first meeting seems a bit on the shy side. However, once she has thoroughly evaluated you she leans in...for pets and snuggles, that is. Lavender thrives on tranquility, so a peaceful home without young kids is what she needs. She enjoys (or at least tolerates) the company of other cats but would most likely be overwhelmed by a dog. This beauty has been at HAWS for over a year because she is looking for an adopter who is perfect for her. Are you her person? Come to HAWS and check her out.

Lavender 030719.jpg

Hope to see you soon!
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