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The Basics About FLUTD


FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease) is very common in cats. There are several causes, almost all of which can be alleviated by a change in diet and activity level, more water, and keeping your kitty’s environment as low-stress as possible.

Dr. Karen Becker wrote a short and very helpful article on FLUTD. She talks about the types of FLUTDs, what symptoms to look for, risk factors, what may be the cause, and how best to treat your cat if she is diagnosed.

The most important thing to remember is DON’T WAIT to get your cat to the vet if you notice symptoms. Get her an appointment right away for the most effective treatment.

Click here to read the full article —-> Telltale Symptom Foretells a Serious Problem, Don’t Delay Medical Help


The germiest spots in the house when you have pets

According to a recent study done on 22 homes with dogs and cats, pet food bowls and pet toys come in #4 and #7 on the top 10 germiest places in homes with pets.

While a healthy cat or dog’s digestive system is designed to handle larger loads of bacteria, a human’s is not. And the elderly, small children, and the immunocompromised individual especially can become extremely ill from some bacteria.

In her article, The Two Germiest Pet Items in Your Home, Dr. Karen Becker shares suggestions on how to keep these items and areas cleaner and safer. This is great information for all pet owners!


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