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Good Stuff from Stella & Chewy's and Small Batch

Limited ingredient diets
from Stella & Chewy’s


Does your dog have food allergies or sensitivities?

S&C’s new Simply Stella’s Limited Ingredient Diets are kibble made with a single source of grass-fed and/or cage free animal protein and limited easily-digestible carbohydrates (no grains, potatoes, or pea protein!). No fillers or additives. No ingredients from China. No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives!

All three formulas are enhanced with probiotics as well as omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. The kibble is oven-baked and coated with raw goodness!

Stop at one of our locations to learn more or grab a bag!


New from Small Batch—Lightly Cooked

Transitioning to raw? Want to add extra nutrition to your current kibble or canned? Or just not ready to go all raw yet? You and your pet will love Small Batch Lightly Cooked!

Small Batch took their raw formula and made them irresistible by cooking them sous vide (in their own juices) at 150 degrees for 5 minutes. This makes it easier to digest, wonderfully aromatic, and extremely palatable for those finicky eaters!

Lightly Cooked is also a GREAT choice to replace canned food as it contains NO thickeners, gums, carageenan or BPA.

Choose from beef, chicken, or turkey.


Giving back all our dogs give to us

At End of the Leash, we are all about helping you provide the best of everything for your furry family members—from nutritious food, to the funnest toys, to comfy cozy beds, to natural remedies for day-to-day needs.

But there’s even more! It’s what you can DO—giving them choices, engaging in play, and even learning to understand how your dog communicates.

This short but remarkable article by Dr. Becker is entitled, “6 Ways to Fill Your Dog’s Life with Joy.” That says it all!

—-> Click here for the full article at healthypets.mercola.com



To learn more about how to adopt through HAWS, please visit their adoption page.  You may also give them a call at 262.542.8851.

HAWS' small animal room is brimming with little critters looking for homes. Rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, birds, mice and rats are all waiting for their adopters to come. 

Gilbert is an adorable tan and white domestic rat. He is an adult, but smaller as rats go. He was surrendered to HAWS by a good Samaritan who rescued him when his original owner threatened to "set him free" outside. He is curious, gentle and likes to be handled. Rats are very intelligent and perceptive animals, and this sweetie is no exception. Would you like to see Gilbert the Great for yourself? He will be taking visitors during viewing hours. Please take the opportunity to meet (and possibly adopt) him.


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