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Enrichment for Your Kitty

One thing we love about kitties is that they’re independent and (generally) low-maintenance, which is great for those of us who have work days away from home.

But to live their best lives, cats still need an enriching environment—one that includes activities and items that encourage them to do normal “cat stuff” like hunting, playing, and climbing. Cats also thrive on consistent schedules and human interaction to minimize stress.

Dr. Karen Becker of healthypets.mercola.com presents a fabulous article to help us understand our kitty’s needs and easy ways to fulfill them!

—-> Click here for the full article, Leaving Kitty Home Alone? How to Keep Cats Entertained

One thing Dr. Becker mentions is getting your kitties outdoors when the weather is nice—it’s good to get their feet on the bare Earth! But how does one do that unless your kitty is leash trained?? Here is one of our reader’s solutions to letting her indoor cats outside, keeping them safe from predators (eagles, hawks, and coyote!)—a CATIO (cat patio). They can be as small as a window or large enough for people! This one was purchased as a kit, and the shelves were replaced with long-lasting cedar. Logs for scratching and stepping stones (great for a warm catnap!) were also added. During warm months, catnip and other greens are added in pots. One resource she recommends is Catio Spaces if you’d like more ideas! Also, if you live near Austin, Texas (or even if you don’t), you might love David Murphy (aka the Cat Carpenter) and his catio creations!


Temperature Reminders


New to us—Wholesomes jerky


We have all 4 flavors of these grain/gluten-free moist treats your dog will love! Wholesome’s Jerky Sticks or Strips will keep your pup coming back for more with their tasty protein and vegetables.

  • Bruno’s Jerky Strips (pork)

  • Cleo’s Jerky Sticks (wild-caught Pacific Whiting)

  • Heidi’s Jerky Sticks (US farm-raised chicken)

  • Tanks’s Jerky Sticks (US farm-raised beef)



To learn more about how to adopt through HAWS, please visit their adoption page.  You may also give them a call at 262.542.8851.

Tiger is a HAWS staff, volunteer and visitor favorite. That means he has been waiting to be adopted far too long. This almost nine year-old, domestic shorthair, tabby cat came to us just shy of a year ago (June 4, 2018). So, Tiger's legion of fans is trying to get him adopted before he spends a full year looking for a new home. He came to HAWS when his previous owner needed to be hospitalized and he was a bit crabby. We realized Tiger has back pain and once it was addressed his outlook improved. He still wants things his way, but he's less of a curmudgeon about it these days. He even learned how to give "high fives"! Recently (due to construction in his private pad) Tiger moved into our small cat colony room. He has been doing well and now can go to a home with other felines who will give him his space. Please come and meet him and see if you can make OUR boy Tiger YOUR boy Tiger!

Tiger 053019.jpg

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