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New Line of Supplements from Earth Animal


Bladder and kidney health is a common concern amongst our animal friends. End of the Leash now carries a wonderful supplement by Earth Animal that effective supports healthy bladder and kidney function called Urinary & Kidney Relief (Pee Pee Formula).

EARTH ANIMAL TESTIMONIAL - "My Aussie was having reoccurring UTI’s and was given doses after doses of antibiotics by the vet, only for the infection to come back time and time again. I tried using this formula and poof, gone! I just have to maintain every other day doses and he is happy and healthy and no longer in pain! THANK YOU for creating this! It has saved not only my dogs kidney and bladder but his gut from repetitive use of antibiotics! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!" -Erin

End of the Leash also carries some products from Earth Animal’s line of Flea & Tick protection! We have herbal Spot-On for both dogs and cats, and herbal collars for dogs.


Your cat will love your green thumb!


Kitties love to nibble their greens…but many houseplants are poisonous to our feline friends. If you love to fill your home with the fresh energy of plants, and you share your space with cats, here’s a list of cat-friendly plants by Dr. Becker!

—-> 15 Cat-Friendly House Plants <—-



To learn more about how to adopt through HAWS, please visit their adoption page.  You may also give them a call at 262.542.8851.

Alyosha is an outstanding one year-old, domestic short hair cat. This handsome fellow bears a striking resemblance to a miniature black panther. He is extremely playful with plenty of energy; sometimes wearing out the older cats in our colony room. He would do well living with another cat around his age and possibly with a cat-savvy dog. Because he can get very excited when playing we are recommending a home with adults only, or children over 10 years old. Awesome Alyosha is waiting to meet you, stop in at HAWS today!

Alyosha 072519.jpg

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