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Thank You!

A GREAT BIG thank you to everyone who attended our How to Build A Better Bowl talk Tuesday night, featuring our very own Susie, Dr. Witte, and Becky from Primal Pet Foods. Thanks to so many of you attending, $225 will be donated to Lakeland Animal Shelter!

One of the take-aways from the talk was how to enhance your pet's health by just adding a little "something" to their bowl or treat time. We carry Primal's Elixirs, bone broth by a few great manufacturers, frozen raw goat's milk by Primal, frozen fermented goat's milk by Answers, Answers frozen fermented fish stock, many freeze dried treats including organ meats, and much, much more.

Stop in this Frozen Friday, September 27th, for 20% of all frozen Primal products...it’s the perfect time to pick up some toppers as well as try one of the great frozen diets we carry!


“Nutrition is never a crisis”

In this extremely informative video, Dr. Karen Becker interviews Dr. Richard Patton on his views of animal nutrition. If you prefer to read the transcript, click here to download the .pdf. You can also read the original article at healthypets.mercola.com.

Excerpt from the article:

One of Dr. Patton's very thought-provoking and long-standing perspectives is that "nutrition is never a crisis." When an animal isn't eating the right food over a period of time, his health gradually deteriorates until it becomes a crisis. And since veterinarians are trained primarily to deal with health crises, when nutrition finally creates one, it provides the stimulus they require to take action.

"The truth of the matter," explains Dr. Patton, "is that an animal who presents with a crisis at the veterinary clinic may have been eating inadequate nutrition for months or years. It's because of the exquisite adapt­ability that evolution has built into everything, that the diets we feed animals can seem to work — for a while."

Dr. Patton is absolutely right, and I talk about this all the time as well — veterinarians aren't trained to, and therefore do not look at what animals are fed as a potential contributing factor to the many chronic degenerative diseases plaguing pets today. Something else we're not taught is that an obese pet can be profoundly nutritionally deficient. Overfat and undernourished is a common issue with pets throughout North America today, and Dr. Patton covers this a lot in his writing and lectures.



To learn more about how to adopt through HAWS, please visit their adoption page.  You may also give them a call at 262.542.8851.

Pepito is a twelve week old brown and white tabby. He is like many kittens his age, ADORABLE, playful and sweet. However, this darling little feline is FIV positive. What does this mean? It means that this little fellow was born with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. Cats who test positive for this virus have similar life spans to cats without it, and do not have a higher rate of illness than non-FIV cats. People, dogs and other species cannot contract the virus, and a cat in the home (without the virus) would have to sustain a significant wound to contract the disease from an FIV positive cat. According to Cornell University of Veterinary Medicine, "Cats in households with stable social structures are at little risk for acquiring infections." Now that you know the facts come to HAWS and meet this handsome little man to see if he's the Purrfect Pepito for your family!

Pepito 091819.jpg

See you again soon!
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