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Grampa Kittehs are Da Best

Lakeland Animal Shelter

Stop in the store this Friday, September 9th between the hours of 10-2pm to meet adoptable dogs & cats from Lakeland Animal Shelter!

Lakeland Animal Shelter is currently caring for over homeless 300 cats and kittens. If you were thinking of adding a new feline family member, now is the time!

We love this article from Catster.com: 7 Reasons Older Cats Are Awesome.

(Number 3 talks about feeding your cat good food. Cats are true carnivores; feed them a grain free diet and watch them thrive. We hear stories all the time from our customers of how good nutrition also can change your animals’ personality for the better. Good nutrition keeps your furry friend healthier, longer!)

7 Reasons Older Cats Are Awesome

Pimp the “older” Cat.Pimp is 11, and every single year he gets better and better. The longer he’s with me, the more love he shows and the more grateful I am that I have him. He’s taught me a lot in his 11 years — a lot of it recently.

I have always adopted kittens, but I’m starting to see why older cats deserve to be adopted, too, and maybe even more. They have so much love left to give. And so without further ado …

1. Old men are not dirty.
You know the stereotype about dirty old men? Doesn’t apply to older cats. He knows where his litter box is, and doesn’t need to be taught. He doesn’t raid the garbage can like rambunctious kittens do, or knock over my glass of red wine in a fit of flying kitten fur.

2. A little gray is sexy.
Don’t you dare tell Pimp his gray whiskers aren’t sexy. He’s one good-lookin’ older dude! Maybe he’s not quite as shiny as he used to be, but he’s just as soft as ever … and just as cute.

3. Good food is one of the most important things in life.
(And so is good wine, but that’s for me, not Pimp. Ahem.) It’s crucial to feed older cats good food, because their tummies are more sensitive. But seeing how much different food affects Pimp has taught me that even younger cats need good food. You are what you eat … and you want your cat to be good, right?

4. It’s not picky, it’s “particular.”
You don’t need every toy in the world. Just because some new gadget comes out or there’s some fancy new model, it doesn’t mean that what you have isn’t perfectly fine. Some of Pimp’s favorite toys are older than his brother, Moo, and he’d rather play with them than anything new and flashy I get him. He doesn’t ask for much. :)

5. A comfy bed is better than any flashy toy.
Adding to No. 4, older cats realize that there are more important things than how many toys are in your toy basket. I used to get Pimp mice every year for his birthday, and he loved them, but lately I’ve gotten him things to make him comfy — and he uses them way more than all his toys combined! Soft beds = 20 hours a day. Fun toys = 30 minutes. (Don’t worry, he still gets tons of toys!)

6. Peace and quiet is underrated. Pimpy says relax. Older cats are content to just lie around, lounge, and not create much ruckus. You don’t have to entertain them (or lose your nice curtains or favorite vase), and you don’t have to babysit them like kittens. They are easy and content to “just be” … so you can just be, too.

7. Love never stops growing. Sure, your older cats may be done growing, and may actually be shrinking a little instead, but their hearts somehow keep expanding with more and more love. When Pimp looks at me, it’s with such love and adoration, and such happiness and sweetness. He knows he’s loved and he’ll always be taken good care of. He knows I’ll do whatever I can for him, for as long as he needs it. And he knows how lucky he is.

Older cats are extremely special. They often easily adjust to your home and don’t cause much trouble. If you have the room in your home and your heart, take a look at some of the senior pets in your area that need homes and go adopt one today. (Or tomorrow; I know you may need a day to get their comfy bed and good food ready …)

Sure, they may need some extra care as they age (for the record — Pimp is going to live forever. I’ve already informed him of this.), but the love you’ll get in return and the fulfilling, incredible feeling you’ll get from taking care of them will give you a ton of joy.

Think of your grandma or grandpa — you want them to be happy and comfortable in their sunset years, right? Older pets should have the same luxury!


Rebecca Moravec

Animal Communicator Rebecca Moravec will be with us this Saturday, September 10th. Bring your animal with you or bring in a photograph. Rebecca can connect with your animal in spirit, too.

Now is a great time to connect with your friend to talk about possible schedule changes that come with a new school year, behavior challenges and the possibility of adding a new cat to your household since you just read the article about Lakeland Animal Shelter and all the great cats waiting for homes!

Excerpted from Rebecca’s website, Kindred Spirits Animal Communication:

Animal Communication, also known as interspecies telepathic communication is the ability to telepathically connect with a being of another species and communicate with them. Two-way communication is accomplished not only with words, but with images, feelings, thoughts and emotions.

Having the opportunity to find out what your animal companion’s thoughts, feelings and attitudes are can greatly enhance your relationship with one another and bring great joy and happiness into your life.

Call the store to reserve your spot to have Rebecca talk with your animals—262-363-3338.


This Raw Pet Food Trend is Worse than Cheap Processed Food…

How can feeding raw possibly be worse than cheap, processed food?

It’s true, feeding raw can be worse when done in this manner. “Hint: It has nothing to do with bacteria or parasites!” – Dr. Karen Becker

This article from Dr. Karen Becker explains the one way feeding raw can be catastrophic to your pet.  A must read!


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