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Wholesome Hide

A customer recently asked us why the rawhide we sell costs a little more than what he can purchase at the local supermarket. All the rawhide we carry is made in the USA from USA sourced hide and this is something on which we will never compromise.

There are frequent recalls on treats and rawhide made in other countries and this is what you will find in grocery stores, convenience stores and the big box stores.

The main supplier of our rawhide chews is Wholesome Hide and we encourage you to check out their website. It is full of great information on what rawhide is, how it is processed and whether it is safe for your dog.

An excerpt from the Wholesome Hide website:

A decade ago, nearly all rawhide dog chews were made in the USA. Now, most of them are produced in Mexico, South America, China. Wholesome Hide is one of the only companies producing rawhide treats in the USA with USA beef hide. Of course that means were are creating American jobs and paying American taxes. But it also means that we are supplying dog owners with treats that have qualities that are simply not available in import products.

USA rawhide is fresher…and simply better for dogs.

Our beef hides are only a few days old when they arrive at our Chicago plant in refrigerated trucks. Then they are kept under refrigeration until they are washed and sanitized, cut, tied and dried in our special ovens. The hides used to make Wholesome Hide treats are not split to increase volume as most import hides are. They are not treated with harsh chemicals that stabilize and whiten the hide. In fact, the hides we use are so fresh they still contain the collagen layer which we keep intact during processing. That gives our treats added flavor that is not available in any import product. Fresher hides and natural processing produces a rawhide treat that tastes much better to dogs! It’s safer for the dog, too.

Click to see a larger image.Compare Wholesome Hide with import chews:

The hides that are used to make import treats sometimes take six weeks to reach a processing plant. And when that plant is located in a hot tropical country and the hides arrive unrefrigerated, you can imagine what they look and smell like. That’s why most hides in foreign counties need to be heavily bleached and treated with a variety of chemicals, including titanium dioxide (a paint ingredient) to make them white and stiff enough to turn into dog treats. They also split the hides at least once so they can produce more, but thinner, products. Even during the rolling and tying process, some overseas companies add scraps and other fillers deep inside the product to save money and increase weight. Of course all the processing invariably leaves behind some residue which spoils any natural taste that may be left in the hide. And the thin, “crispy’ nature of the treat makes it easier for dogs to break off shards of rawhide which can injure the pet.

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Adoptable Dogs & Cats

Let’s make it a lucky weekend for everyone, including some animals in need of a home! Lakeland Animal Shelter is bringing adoptable dogs & cats to the store this Friday & Saturday, March 16th & 17th from 11-3pm.

Stop in for some fur therapy and to hear about their biggest fundraiser of the year – the Second Chances Charity Dinner on Friday, May 4th.


Pet Trusts

“Pet of the Week” By Cathy Weselby. March 12, 2012 from Patch.com. Click the photo for more details!

Pet Trusts: Caring for our pets when we’re no longer around.

It’s something we usually don’t think about during our hectic lives, but what if something were to happen to us—who would care for our pets? For peace of mind, it’s a good idea to think about who you would have look after your pets if you become incapacitated or die.

The Humane Society of the United States has some pointers on how to plan for your pet’s well being. The organization suggests finding at least two responsible friends or relatives who could serve as emergency caregivers should something unexpected happen.

This includes giving them keys to your home and feeding and care instructions. Additionally, the humane society recommends carrying an alert card in your wallet listing the names and phone numbers of your emergency pet caregivers.

The best way to make sure your wishes are fulfilled if you die is by also making formal arrangements that specifically cover the care of your pet. This involves working with an attorney to draw up a special will or trust.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals recommends creating a trust because, unlike a will, a trust can provide for your pet immediately. When you create a trust for your pet, you set aside money to be used for his or her care and you specify a trustee to control the funds.

Since you know the particular habits of your pets better than anyone else, it’s important to fully describe the kind of care your pets should have, and provide a list of the people who would be willing to provide that care. For more information about creating a pet trust, visit www.pettrustlawyer.com.

See the original article here.


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