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Understanding Raw Pet Diets

“What’s Behind the Campaign to Condemn Raw Diets for Pets?” is an article by Dr. Karen Becker of mercola.com’s Healthy Pets that may help you explain or defend your choice on how you feed your pet.

Dr. Becker hopes that if you’re already feeding your pet a fresh, species-appropriate raw diet—and have been successful—that you will disregard the anti-raw positions of the AAHA and AVMA.  These organizations seem to be using the already well-known risks of handling raw meat as their basis for discouraging feeding raw.  Educate yourself!  Read this short article to better understand how this is taken out of context.

If your friends, family or even your vet are howling about the dangers of your pet’s raw diet, this article is a must read!


Newsletter and Birthday Coupon Changes!

Hastened by January’s glitch of the cat coupon going out to many to whom it shouldn’t have (apologies again to everyone who received one erroneously)…we’re introducing some changes in our birthday coupon program, starting in February.

Another one of the perks in our new POS system is to integrate our customers’ birthdays into their profiles.  The computer gives us 5 spaces to gather birth month and name to send out coupons.  This can be for cat, dog, or human birthdays!  At the beginning of the month, a coupon or special offer will be sent out to everyone who has a birthday in that month.

In order for this to happen, we need your help!  Due to the way our birthday program is currently running, we don’t have the option to merge the information into our POS computers.  Please email us at waggingtails@wi.rr.com with the subject line “Birthday info”, and include the name your account is under in the register, the email address you want us to use, and up to 5 names and birth months of you and your pets. 

You can also write it down, and drop it off next time you are in the store if you prefer.  

Beginning in February, the newsletter will be sent out through the POS registers only, so make sure we have your current email address in your customer profile on the register!

Thanks for your patience and assistance!


Lakeland Animal Shelter

Lakeland will have adoptables at the Mukwonago store Friday AND Saturday, January 18th and 19th, from 11am-2pm. 

We hope you will stop in and visit these loveable furry companions!



Spinal Manipulation & Holistic Consultations
for your pet at End of the Leash

Dr. Deanna Witte with Witte’s Natural Veterinary Care will be at the Mukwonago store twice a month to do consultations and/or spinal manipulations for your pet.  She comes the 2nd and 4th Thursdays. 

Dr. Witte’s next visits will be Thursday, January 10th and Thursday, January 31st.

You can also make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Witte to discuss holistic options for your pet (nutrition, supplements, essential oils etc…).  Appointments are for 20 minutes and include a consultation and adjustment. Call the store to reserve your spot: 262-363-3338.

About Witte’s Veterinary Care:

Veterinary service providing traditional and alternative treatment options for your pets. Services include spinal manipulative therapy, wellness exams with individualized vaccination schedules, medical treatment, aromatherapy/therapeutic oils, western herbs, nutrition counseling, and whole food supplementation.


Stay Tuned for more Dr. Claudeen…

Dr. Claudeen Mc Auliffe will be back to visit us in a few months!  We’ll let you know when she returns to resume her behavioral chats.

Dr. Claudeen Mc Auliffe, Ph.D., M.Ed., CAP-2, CDBC, manages the Behavior Department at the Humane Animal Welfare Society in Waukesha, WI and is an adjunct faculty member in the Biology Department at Carroll University, Waukesha, WI. She is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (IAABC) and a certified Level 2 Tellington TTouch® practitioner for companion animals.

Have you hugged your furry buddy today? :)

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