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Why You Should Feed Species Appropriate Diets


Did you know that despite the fact we have been domesticating dogs for thousands of years, they still share 99% of their DNA with wolves?  This also means our family pets are best-suited to a diet that matches their anatomy--they are carnivores.

Dr. Karen Becker, proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian, once again covers a topic of extreme importance--our pets' diets.  In this extremely informative article, she reviews a white paper entitled, "The Biologically Appropriate Food Concept and the Dietary Needs of Dogs and Cats" published by Orijen, a commercial pet food company in Canada. (We sell Orijen at End of the Leash!)

For our pets' best chance to thrive, we shouldn't humanize them by thinking they will have long-term health by eating the varied diets we do.  The white paper goes into detail about the anatomies of our dogs and cats and how their teeth, digestive tracts, and lack of certain digestive enzymes makes them suited to be eating ONLY meat!

While some like to claim that dogs and cats have "evolved" to eat kibble (which is typically 40-50% carbohydrate depending on the brand/formula), this argument doesn't make sense in light of the fact that their digestive systems have not changed. And were such physiological changes to occur, they would require much longer than the time that dogs have been living with humans.

---> Click here to read Dr. Becker's article in full!


Mukwonago's Nail Clinic THIS Saturday

Renee from Nails to Tails will be at our Mukwonago store this Saturday, August 1st from 10am-noon. (PLEASE NOTE TIME CHANGE!)

No appointment necessary.  Nails will be done on a first come, first served basis. Cost is $10 per dog.

Mark your calendars--Renee will be here the 1st Saturday of every month!  Her next clinic will be Saturday, September 5th.


Need help training your dog?

Debbie Karnes, owner of Canine Home School in Delafield, Wisconsin, will be offering individual training sessions to help you with your specific needs on a monthly basis in our Mukwonago store! 

Debbie's next visit will be on Thursday, August 20th from 3-6:30pm.  

Call our store at 262.363.3338 to schedule a half hour session for you and your dog to work on the problem of your choice with Debbie--for only $30!  

From her website:

"I will provide you with the knowledge that you will need to form a long-lasting relationship with your best friend.  Using force free,  positive reinforcement training methods you will see how quickly your dog wants to learn."  


Talk to your pet in a whole new way!

Carolee and her beloved friend, Murphy.   "Animals are more than just our companions. They can be our teachers. We should always show them gratitude and respect. And if we can learn to live as they do—from the heart—the world can experience true peace and serenity."    www.animal-connections.com

Carolee and her beloved friend, Murphy.

"Animals are more than just our companions. They can be our teachers. We should always show them gratitude and respect. And if we can learn to live as they do—from the heart—the world can experience true peace and serenity."  www.animal-connections.com

Animal Communicator Carolee Biddle of Animal Connections will be back in our Mukwonago store on August 22nd from 11am-3pm.  The cost is $55 for a 30-minute session.  To schedule your appointment, please call us at 262-363-3338. 

Curious about animal communication? Want to learn more?  Visit Carolee's website at www.animal-connections.com for insight on this intimate, effective tool you can use to bond with your animal companion and communicate with them in a whole new way!  You can also visit her Facebook page.

Carolee was trained and mentored by Rebecca Moravec, and she is who Rebecca referred her clients to when her health interfered with her ability to accept appointments.  We are honored and excited to have her join us. 


This Week's Adoptables from HAWS

The lucky family that adopts one of the pets featured here on our blog will receive a coupon from HAWS good for a “congratulations” gift bag from End of the Leash!

To learn more about how to adopt through HAWS, please visit their adoption page.  You may also give them a call at 262.542.8851.

Meet Marley! He is a sweet 2-year-old Lab mix that came to HAWS from another shelter.  It seems he may have been through a lot in his short life. We are taking things very slow with him as he has been very scared to show us his true personality.  He may get a long with a cat and dog but it has to be the right fit. He is sure to make an awesome pet given the right amount of love and training.

Hammie is a 4-year-old Guinea pig. He is a very handsome fellow but very reserved. He is looking for a gentle and loving human companion to snuggle with. He might also like to meet another piggy looking for a friend and roommate. Call to set up a meet and greet. 


Happy Summer!

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