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Is Your Pet Ready For the 4th?


Did you know that July 5th is the busiest day of the year for animal shelters?  Fireworks noise, smoky smells, parties, the chaos of many people in your home, barbeque food and drinks, summer games and activities--all the unfamiliarity may strike fear into many pets, causing anxiety, disorientation, and at worst, escape from your home to find safety and quiet.  These can easily be prevented by following some simple guidelines to ensure your pet's safety and well-being.  

Dr. Karen Becker of Mercola Healthy Pets has an excellent list of 10 guidelines to help ensure your pet is comfortable and safe during the holiday.  

Top 10 July 4th Dos and Don'ts for Pet Owners (click link for entire article)

  1. DO ID your pet. In the event your pet is lost during all the confusion and commotion of holiday get-togethers, make sure he or she can be identified with an up-to-date ID collar or tag, permanent tattoo, or microchip. Even if you feel there's no way in the world your dog or cat can escape, it's better to expect the worst and hope for the best.
  2. DON'T apply human sunscreen or insect repellent to your pet. Make sure to use products designed specifically for your dog or cat, or that are vet-approved, all-natural human sunscreens. If your pet happens to ingest a sunscreen product, it can cause excessive thirst, drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy. Insect repellents containing DEET can cause neurological problems in pets.
  3. DO keep party and barbeque foods out of reach of your pet. Feed your dog or cat his regular diet for the holiday, and be especially careful to secure potentially toxic people foods like chocolate, coffee, onions, grapes, raisins and bread dough. Consuming the contents of the grill grease trap is a common cause of summertime pancreatitis in dogs, so make sure to keep Fido away from the grill, in general.
  4. DON'T give your pet access to glow jewelry. If eaten, it can cause excessive drooling, GI irritation, and potentially, intestinal blockage.
  5. DO keep alcoholic drinks out of reach of your pet, and insist your guests do the same. Beer, wine and liquor can poison your dog or cat. Depending on how much is ingested, your pet can become very intoxicated, weak, depressed, and can even slip into a coma. Severe alcohol poisoning can result in death from respiratory failure.
  6. DON'T force your pet into a costume for July 4th. Unless your dog (or even less likely, your cat) loves to play dress-up, don't push the issue. Make sure anything you dress your pet in is comfortably loose and doesn't constrict movement in any way. Also remember, it's July and your pet can easily get overheated.
  7. DO keep citronella candles, oils, and insect coils out of reach of your pet. Ingestion can cause stomach irritation and potentially, central nervous system symptoms. Inhaling the oil can cause breathing difficulties and aspiration pneumonia in pets.
  8. DON'T take your dog or cat around backyard or neighborhood fireworks displays. And make sure to store personal fireworks where your pet can't get them. Pets have been known to swallow unexploded firecrackers, and it's also important to remember that an animal's fur coat is highly flammable.
  9. DO keep matches and lighter fluid out of reach. Some matches contain chlorate, which can damage blood cells, impair respiration, and cause kidney disease. Lighter fluid can irritate your pet's skin, and if ingested can cause GI upset and central nervous system depression. Inhaling lighter fluid can result in breathing difficulties and aspiration pneumonia.
  10. DON'T allow your pet outside, especially after dark. If she'll be within range of the sights and sounds of fireworks, try to secure her in a room without windows. Create a safe haven with bedding, a toy or two, and a few treats. Turn on a TV, radio or other music to help muffle the noise from outside. Leave someone at home with your pet if possible, but whatever you do, don't leave her outside alone. If she becomes frightened, even a fenced yard may not keep her safe. Dogs have been injured while making panicked attempts to escape their yard, and those that succeed can run away, be hit by a car, or stolen by a stranger.

End of the Leash has several calming options for your kitty or pooch--here are just a few.  Stop in one of our locations and we can discuss which product is best for your pet!


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Broth Toppers

Our all natural bone broth is slowly simmered in small batches and brimming with taste and nutrition.

We add real cage-free chicken or grass-fed beef for a taste and topper your dog will go wild for. Serve as a treat or topper to your dogs meal.

  • A perfect solution to hydrate raw food or top
    kibble at mealtime!
  • Slowly simmered in a USA kitchen
  • 100% human-grade
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  • Added turmeric for anti-inflammatory help
  • Single-source animal protein solutions
  • 4 simple ingredients in each recipe

Stella's Stews

Real whole muscle meat and organic fresh-cut vegetables – gently kettle-cooked in small batches to deliver great taste and amazing nutrition.

  • All our diets are 100% human-grade
  • Pet safe: Free from garlic and onions
  • Meat #1 ingredient and bone broth #2
  • No carrageenan, gum additives or natural flavors
  • BPA-free carton
  • Grain-free + gluten-free

Single-Source Stews

  • 6 core simple ingredients
  • Limited ingredient diets
  • Single animal protein diets


  • Exotic blend of animal proteins
  • Meat rich


To learn more about how to adopt through HAWS, please visit their adoption page.  You may also give them a call at 262.542.8851.

Judge is almost 2 years old and he is a Great Swiss Mountain Dog Mix. He would do best being the only pet in the home. Judge is very sweet and enjoys playing!

Judge is almost 2 years old and he is a Great Swiss Mountain Dog Mix. He would do best being the only pet in the home. Judge is very sweet and enjoys playing!


Holiday Hours

Both our Mukwonago and Pewaukee stores will be closed on Wednesday, July 4th. We will reopen at 9am on the 5th!  We hope you have a memory-filled, happy Independence Day! 

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