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Essential Oils are Essential – Seminar Tonight

Susie Bower, owner of End of the Leash, will present a seminar here tonight, Wednesday, November 2nd from 6-7pm on using essential oils with your animals.

The fee for this seminar is $10.00 which includes a $5.00 gift certificate to the store. Cats, dogs, horses and birds all benefit from the amazing powers of therapeutic grade oils.

Susie has worked with essential oils for years, and recently attended a weekend intensive course taught by Dr. Melissa Shelton with Crow Animal Hospital who has worked with, and tested the benefits of, oils with a variety of animals.

Here’s some valuable information from Dr. Shelton’s website to introduce you her and her work:

Essential Oils continue to be a controversial subject in the world of Veterinary Medicine. After meeting many successful essential oil users, holistic veterinarian Dr. Melissa Shelton became dedicated to uncovering the truth behind the toxicity reports in animals. For over 2 years, she has worked with medical grade essential oils daily within her veterinary practice, in ways that even she couldn’t fathom.

Her work has prompted her to sit on the Research Committee of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association and many of her case studies are being prepared for publishing. Dr. Shelton has shared her knowledge and experiences internationally, and she is currently scheduled to speak in locations across the United States and Australia.

Through combining the use of medical grade essential oils with other holistic tools, Dr. Shelton has helped many animals for which traditional medicine has had no answer. She has also authored the book entitled “Essential Oils for Natural Pet Care: A Veterinarian’s Desk Reference for the Top Health Concerns of Cats, Dogs, and Horses.

Dr. Melissa Shelton is an internationally recognized holistic veterinarian, and owner of Crow River Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic, who specializes in using medical grade essential oils for complete and natural care of all animals. By using essential oils along with nutrition, whole food supplements, Reiki, animal communication, Alpha-Stimulation, and more - Dr. Shelton has helped many animals for which traditional medicine has no answer.

Prevention of disease remains a passion for Dr. Shelton. Young or Old, Sick or Healthy - there are benefits in including Nature’s amazing healing properties into your companion’s life. Dr. Shelton focuses on the fact that when holistic care can do so much in the face of disease - imagine the impact that can be had if we were to use our tools before the illness.

Dr. Shelton shares her knowledge and experiences through her love of teaching and writing. She has been asked to teach world wide, and currently has courses scheduled across the United States and Australia. She was co-presenter of the very popular “Holistic Animal Care…Naturally” at the Young Living International Grand Convention in 2010. She will be presenting again at the U.S. Young Living Convention in Orlando, Florida in September 2011 and also at the Australian Young Living Convention in October 2011.

Recently, she has completed her book entitled “Essential Oils for Natural Pet Care: A Veterinarian’s Desk Reference for the Top Health Concerns of Cats, Dogs, and Horses.” The Animal Desk Reference is currently being written and is expected to be released Summer of 2012.

Where Does Your Pumpkin Come From?

If you’ve got canned pumpkin at home check the back of your can—it may have come from China.

We carry the Fruitables line of canned pumpkin and canned sweet potato, as well as the Firm-Up! dehydrated pumpkin. Both companies only use USA sourced pumpkin and process their products in USA facilities.

The Fruitables line is processed in a USA Organic facility and Diggin’ your Dog is a 100% USA small grassroots company owned and operated by people who truly DIG YOUR DOG! They have rigorously sourced all ingredients from USA farmers and ranchers, offering products that you will feel safe and confident feeding to your loved pet. Their products begin and end in the USA…from the soil to the bag, it is their promise to keep their products real, and keep your pet happy and healthy!


Welcome Pronature Holistic & Fussie Cat

We’ve added more new lines of dog and cat food to our food room!

Pronature Holistic
The best of nature without compromise!

Formulated with natural biotechnology, Pronature Holistic is made with delicious ingredients: carefully chosen fresh regional meat (grain-fed chicken, turkey, duck) and fish products delivered fresh to their door; nutrition-rich brown and wild rice, pearled barley and oat groats; and a delectable blend of organic fine herbs, fruits and vegetables that enhances the taste and supplies the vitamins and macro- and micro-minerals your pet needs.

Pronature Holistic is a hybrid line of pet food combining two different types of nutrition: natural and organic designed to keep your pet healthy and happy. Pronature Holistic contains ingredients from natural sources carefully selected to ensure they are easily digestible, highly palatable and exceedingly fresh. Organic ingredients have been added to this natural blend, making Pronature Holistic an outstanding choice for your pet.

The Chicken & Sweet Potato Formula dog food contains Fresh chicken, sweet potato, honey and organic carob. Honey is rich in carbohydrates and contains proteins, minerals, organic acids, numerous vitamins, enzymes facilitating digestion and natural antibiotics. Organic carob contains fiber that helps regulate intestinal function and stool consistency.


Fussie Cat
“So tasty your cat can’t resist!”

That’s the claim to fame of Fussie Cat canned cat food.

If you have a cat, you most likely have a fussy cat (if you’re cat is not fussy then we’re all jealous!). Their unique formulas help to prevent urinary tract infection and some help to promote a healthy digestive system.

Fussie Cat is produced in a state of the art human food manufacturing facility, using the same quality raw ingredients and processes that are used to product human food.


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